Awesome meetup & a little challenge

If you’ve read my post in November about the Paris Meetup, you know how I felt about that one. Simultaneously nervous and excited, mostly through the whole day. You’ve probably also read posts about meetups where people use other words, like amazing, and instant bff’s. These words create a certain expectancy when you attend your first meetup. I felt a bit disappointed that I had failed to experience this. I was still on the hunt for it when Inna Instagrammed that Kirsty was coming to Paris and who wanted to join. Even though I have to admit I didn’t know Kirsty, I jumped at the opportunity¬†because I do know Inna and she was on my list of ‘cool people to meet IRL’. And then I learned Jo was coming too, and I really wanted to meet her again.

General Diff
First cut of the day, at General Diff.

It turned out to be the perfect formula for my kind of meetup! Inna was as cool IRL as she seemed online, it was wonderful to meet Kirsty, and with Jo I was instantly at ease. We’re also yak-hat buddies. We went on a fabric tour with Barbara of Stitching up Paris which was great. The difference with going alone is that you get to see the secret second apartment with all the expensive designer garments. It was just such a fun day, talking fabrics and sewing and life in general. Julie came by to demonstrate her impressive fast and furious shopping skills and later we also met Ninie over some great dinner and wine.

So yeah, my words this time are actually: amazing, instant bff’s.

I just wanted to share this in case you haven’t met your kind of sewing peeps yet. They are out there, you just have to find the right opportunity to meet them!

Paris in the morning
Paris in the morning

I came home with a good amount of new stuff, amazing cotton-wool-cashmere jersey being the highlight. But I actually already have some pretty good stuff in my stash, and so does Inna. So we made up a little challenge for ourselves: we have to sew two garments before we are allowed to buy any new fabric. It’s the kind of challenge I like at the moment: not too hard and there’s no actual time limit.

If this sounds like the little push you need too, join us! Just add us on Instagram and leave a comment somewhere so we can keep track of each others progress.

P.S. Of course I met really nice people the first meetup too, I just wasn’t as much at ease.

P.P.S. This week we’re releasing our new pattern! EEEK!!

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  1. Oh, it seems part of my comment was lost on the way. I wanted to say that it’s easier to feel at ease and to connect with others in a small group and the size of the first meet-up was overwhelming for a lot of us. Although I really enjoyed meeting you and hope we’ll see again!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time! I’m followed Inna, Jo and Kirsty for years now, and I’m so envious you got to meet them! But I also enjoy living vicariously through other people, so it makes me happy that you all had fun even if it was very far away!

  3. Sounds and looks great! I know what you mean about the big meet up in November. Though I am usually very at ease in big groups, it was very difficult to connect with so many people.
    You were one of those I would have liked to get to know better, but maybe next time! I got to spend some time with Jo and she is such a lovely lady! (As is Sabine who, commented above)
    I am also slightly jealous you live so close to Paris. But hey, at least I will not be so tempted before completing the challenge! :D

  4. It was such a great fun! I second you on the fact that smaller groups contribute to better/faster communication and connection. Come to Dublin some time! Although there are not so many fabric shops, you’d love the local yarn.

    RE: sewing commitment. Why won’t we create a badge + a hashtag? I’ll think about it more at home and email you ideas ^.^

    P.S. <3 the Jasper dress!

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