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Ease In To Motherhood

I haven’t written a lot about becoming a mother this past year. First of all because this is a sewing blog, but also because I felt like I hadn’t gathered my thoughts about it yet. It has been such a big transition and I feel like I’ve finally come out the other end. We’ve managed to settle our life as a family. Frida is doing well, it is such a joy to see her becoming her own person now that she’s growing from baby to toddler. We’ve got a pretty good routine going for all of us, and everyone is faring well by it. So when Monserrat, Jodi and Erin announced their Ease In To Motherhood series, I found I was ready to talk about this first year of motherhood and what it has brought me.


Ultraviolet Tee, Two Ways

A little while ago I said on Instagram that my summer wardrobe is complete, and that I didn’t feel the need to add new handmade pieces. I have been working up to this point for a few years now. My handmade pieces last me multiple summers, so there’s no need to keep adding to it. This thought gave me some headspace, a break from the never-ending list of to-sew garments. But then Erin was about to release her new oversized Tee pattern, and I realised I don’t have any handmade T-shirts. So I volunteered (very selflessly of course, hehe) to help spread the word about this new pattern. I could make some Onyx tees but frankly, after making them a dozen times I wanted to try a new pattern.


Renouncing Fast Fashion

I have a confession to make guys. I’m ashamed to admit it, but even though I am well aware of what it takes to make a garment, and of the bad circumstances garment workers live and work in, I still bought fast fashion until fairly recently. It got worse when we settled in France. The only clothing shops here are big brands that practically advertise with the fact that they are cheap, and I often went for the most convenient option. I never felt good buying these clothes, but I did it anyway. I found myself thinking of the person who had made it, and apologising to them for supporting the system. The sweater below is the most recent item I bought. My body had returned to normal after my pregnancy, and I felt I ‘deserved’ some new clothes. With hardly any time to make something, I went shopping. But two days after wearing this sweater, it was pilling like crazy and there were two holes in the back.


Precious Fabrics for Everyday Use

This summer I was looking for a fabric to cover the cradle I had found second hand. I looked through my stash (ever grateful I had sampled and organised it) but deemed the suitable fabric types too precious to use for this purpose. So I started looking online for a fabric that would be perfect – not too cute, with a cool print, and not too expensive. I spent quite some time looking for it, comparing a few different ones, wondering how much I actually wanted to spend. I couldn’t decide so I put it aside for a day.


Daily Life in the Morvan – Third Winter

Our third winter has again been quite different from the past two. I wasn’t looking forward to it because last winter seemed to be hard and lasted forever. Due to our multiple moves it seemed like spring came around much faster. This winter’s theme has been ‘doing nothing’. Ofcourse we haven’t really been doing nothing, but we just wanted to get some rest, and not make any immediate plans. After our second move to our current house, I was completely drained. I was still feeling the after effects of having a baby, the brain fog was only just starting to lift. We desperately needed to get some rest. And winter is perfect for that: there is not much to do in the garden, the weather isn’t very inviting most of the time, and our new (to us) couch has a high snuggle-up factor.