Daily Life in the Morvan: Second Autumn

Months before Frida was born I knew having her would mean our yurt life would come to an end. It’s not that living in a yurt with a baby is impossible. We actually really enjoyed the two months that we had with her in the yurt. But we had been living with a certain amount of comfort that costs more energy than a more conventional lifestyle. The yurt is great in the summer, but the comfort level definitely goes down in the winter. Having a baby already takes so much energy on all kinds of levels, I felt like I couldn’t handle much more than that. We felt that this was the time to go back to a more conventional lifestyle, which for us meant moving to a house.

Daily life in the Morvan
Daily life in the Morvan

I’ve moved a lot in my life and I actually love moving. I’ve never been sad to leave, the excitement of a new place always prevailed. The yurt was different though. Breaking down the yurt (or rather, disassembling it) was much more emotional. It is really such a special space to live in and we’ve been really happy there. That’s why it’s even more exciting that we’ll be able to just put it up somewhere else when we have the opportunity again, although I don’t think we’ll be living in it like we did now.

We moved into our new house in the woods on the first of October. It’s funny how excited we were about things that are quite normal for other people, having a shower inside the house for instance. This house was not that conventional either though: it’s quite remote, situated in the woods with no direct neighbours. It also had a composting toilet in the cellar, so we still had too go out for that. We approached living there as another experiment, to see what it should be like to like in such a place, and to try out an old house as they are common in this region. They are all stone houses or small farms with thick walls and small windows, most about 200-300 years old.

We loved being in the woods but as soon as the weather got colder we were confronted by the amount of energy it cost to keep warm. There were two wood stoves but it’s quite a lot of work to keep both of them going all day. Like many houses in this area it was not well isolated and on top of that we were on the north side of a wooded hill, so there was no direct sunlight. The main problem we encountered was the poor internet connection though. Both of our businesses are online so that just wasn’t workable. We kept going back and forth between moving again or not, weighing our options. When I came across a little house for rent that seemed perfect for us, it wasn’t difficult to make the decision to move again. The house in the woods was still an interesting experience because we learned quite a few things about what we want in a house.

Moving is a bit more work when you also have four month old baby so I wasn’t really looking forward to it this time. It seems like we’re really good at pushing ourselves, which lets us reach our goals often but can also stretch us too thin. Sometimes we want to accomplish too much in too little time. We push through but then find ourselves exhausted at the end. Any delay or change then costs us more energy than it should.

Right now the end is in sight, and I can’t wait to move in. All our stuff is already in our new house, and we’re moving in on the first day of the new year. What better day for a new start? We can stay here indefinitely, it’s in the area where we wanted to live, and it checks almost all of our wishes. Even though our bigger goal is still to buy a house or land here, we feel like we now have a place where we can happily live until we find it. It feels like we’re entering a new stage, where we are truly independent and will have to really face living in a different country. We have to improve our French, make new friends, and figure out what growing up here will mean for Frida. So yes, at the moment I’m a bit exhausted but I’m also really excited about what is to come. We just need a little break and then we’ll be ready!

As I’m typing this in the last hour of 2016, I just want to wish you all a very happy new year! I hope it will be exactly as eventful as you need at the moment, and of course filled with fabulous fabrics, perfectly matching seams and great fitting garments. Oh right, sewing, I do hope there will be more of that next year hehe.

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