Dye & Print Back

Dye & Print

The goal of the stamp workshop I attended a couple of months ago was ofcourse to print my own fabric. It took me a while to get there though. First I ordered fabric from the Dharma Trading, who sell all kinds of natural fabrics especially suited for dyeing. Miriam of Mad Mim had used a silk rayon blend for her printed scout tee, but I thought that was a bit on the sheer side so I went with a bamboo rayon blend. I also ordered their fiber reactive dyes in coral and safari grey. That bamboo-rayon blend is a wonderful fabric. The drape is so so nice, and I love that it’s a natural fabric. I’m thinking of getting a couple more yards, I could live in this stuff.

Dye & Print
Dye & Print Back

As you can see I used coral pink. I had intended for it to come out a bit darker, and it hasn’t dyed evenly either. I do like this effect so I don’t mind. Then I tried out some stamps and colours and settled on the triple V stamp. I also tried birds and raindrops but since the shirt was already so pink I wanted to counterbalance it with a bold stamp. And I think it worked out! I cut out the pieces and then stamped them so I could control the placement. I started at the front, in the middle and was going to print it all over. But after three rows I took a step back and I really liked it this way. A little tip: don’t ever try to correct a stamp. It just gets messy.

Dye & Print 2
Dye & Print Neckline

I drafted this pattern myself, I wanted to start working with wovens and needed a couple of easy shirts for this summer. The sleeves need some revisioning, but other than that I’m pretty satisfied with this shirt. I used my rolled hem foot for the hem (first time) and Grainline’s neckline tutorial. Jen’s blog is my go-to place for tutorials, they’re just so clever.

Dye & Print Epaulet

This is the first time I’m wearing something pink. Ever! I always thought it was too girly, but the truth is, it suits me a whole lot better than red-orange tones. I might start wearing it more often, I’ve got a lot more of that dye. I’d like to experiment with using more colours and tie-dyeing. Sallie-oh does wonderful things with dyes. I’d steal her wardrobe if I could! So I’m curious, do you have that same feeling about Dharma? Have you printed clothing (show us!)?

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