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Fall/Winter Wardrobe & Paris

Doing a summer palette has worked so well that I want to continue this for the cold seasons. It has helped me build a cohesive wardrobe and guided me through fabric shopping. I’ve chosen a new palette because that’s what one does with the change of seasons, I guess. It’s fun to work with a new set of colours. I’ve already made the first outfit that immediately got worn: to the sewing meetup in Paris!

Fall/Winter Palette

I’ve chosen colours that are familiar to me: forest green, mustard, navy, petrol and rust, with light and dark grey as neutrals. The one I’m not really sure about is rust. It’s not easy to find the right shade when sourcing fabrics, I don’t want it to be too orange. When I was on the train to Paris two weeks ago I discovered I was already wearing almost all of my chosen colours: my Jade and a navy and light grey striped Sloppy Jo, grey tights, rust handbag and my forest green coat and a navy and grey scarf. The fact that I was wearing this to a sewing meet up proves I feel good in these colours.

Paris Outift
Sewing meetup

The meetup in Paris was organised by the lovely Carmen, winner of the French Sewing Bee, Cousu Main. It was kind of a unique one, since Lauren/Lladybird came to the UK to give workshops at Tilly’s place and then they and a bunch of other lovely UK sewing people all hopped on the train to Paris to meet up with Carmen and other French couturières. I don’t need to tell you what we did: fabric shopping, some more fabric shopping… It started with a lovely goodie bag with beautiful leather scraps from Ma Petite Mercerie and a coupon code to Peace & Wool. We visited the Sentier district full of tiny fabric shops. We got a special discount at Coupons de Saint Pierre, at Anna Ka Bazaar (oooooh yes I made good use of that), we had tea at Madame Sajou and later delicious pizza and wine at the Pink Flamingo.

Madame Sajou
Dinner & Drinks at the Pink Falmingo

Sewing meetups seem to happen all the time in New York and in the UK, but this was my first time. I was very excited but also nervous. I feel awkward and self-conscious in big groups of people I don’t really know. I think my ideal meetup would be with just a few people, and would involve more tea-and-talking and less fabric shopping. Fabric shopping you can do easily on your own, talking fabrics and pattern making, not so much. The fact that we all had something in common made it a little better though, and I met some really nice people that I’d love to see again. Charlotte and Julie both did a more elaborate post on the meetup if you’d like to read more.

Have you been to sewing meetups? What are your experiences?

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  1. That’s such a good idea! I think I’m often too disorganized in my sewing. Of course I make plans on what I need and want to sew for the upcoming season but then comes another good pattern, idea or fabric along my way and I hop on. Maybe such a color board would help me to let everything run in the same direction, at least. So, thanks for sharing. :)

    Friederike (

    1. It really does, if you manage to stick to it! That and thinking in outfits instead of separates. You’re forced to think about colour matching that way.

  2. That’s a beautiful winter colour palette! Very classic but warm and cosy too. I found my first couple of meetups pretty overwhelming too, but once I got to meet people for the 3rd or 4th time it was more fun! (That said, I’ve also started organising smaller meetups, instead of aiming to get as many people as possible, because organising big groups stresses me out! ;)

    1. Ah yes, I’d also rather meet this group again than go to a completely new one. I think smaller groups would work better for everyone, you’re only going to have time to chat with a few anyway.

  3. The color pallet looks so nice. I’m slowely narrowing down colors for mine, besides the neutrals. I attend two regular meetups. One is purely social and chatting about sewing, the other offers 3 hours of pure work time and as much socializing as you care for. I’ve never gone on a shopping trip though, I hate shopping and I’m not sure thats a good meetup venue for me.

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