Almada Robe

The Feeling of Glamour – Almada Robe

I’ve been subscribed to Seamwork magazine for a few months now. To be honest, not many of the patterns that come with the magazine really spoke to me. Until the February issue, that came with the Almada Robe. It has such a gorgeous silhouette, reminiscent of Japanese kimono’s. And I had the perfect fabric too, a rayon satin from Blackbird fabrics. I had bought it just because it was so beautiful, even though the base colour, a pale yellow, doesn’t suit me at all. It has such a luxurious feeling to it that I wanted to be able to wear it frequently, but my clothing has to have a measure of practicality. Enter the Almada: the perfect solution to my problem! You can wear a robe every morning if you want to, you don’t leave the house in it so no risk of snags or mud, and who cares if the colour doesn’t suit me if hardly anyone will see it. This robe for me is all about feeling beautiful, not looking beautiful. Or, to quote Sarai: hidden glamour.

Almada Robe
Almada Robe

It is supposed to be a 3 hour project, but that is probably only if you make it in a stable fabric and use pre made bias tape. Making your own bias tape in a rayon will add at least an hour. I made as much tape from the leftovers as I could, so I have plenty left for other projects. I made a size M and lengthened it 2″, just adding it at the bottom. Still I managed to cut it out of 2m of fabric, instead of the recommended 2 7/8 yards. I cut off the seam allowance at the center back so I could cut it on the fold. It’s only for the larger sizes that you need two pieces. I’ve finished it all with french seams. I should have interfaced the ties though, they’re a bit floppy. I was going to say I might still do it, but who am I kidding, ha.

Almada robe

It’s kind of uncharacteristic of me to sew a robe, really. I don’t see myself as a robe person – I can remember only one, and that was at least 9 years back. It was one of those fluffy ones, super soft and warm but not exactly glamourous. In fact, it made me feel slouchy and lazy more than anything else. The Almada has a totally different function – it is not supposed to make me comfortable or warm or want to snuggle up on the couch. It’s job is to make me feel chique, even though I am still in my pyjamas. And, I discovered this morning, it is very good at that job. I don’t have any opportunity to feel chique in my daily life, especially now that we live in the yurt. The Almada grants me that moment in the day without getting in the way of practical stuff.

Almada Robe

I am secretly thinking it might be great post-pregnancy, that time where I envision myself spending most of my time snuggling our baby in my pyjamas. I’ll be a tired mess but at least I’ll be wearing a fancy robe. Sounds good right? I have no idea if that is an illusion since this is our first baby, but until that time it might serve to add some luxury to my mornings.

Do you have hidden glamour in your wardrobe?

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  1. That is just so pretty! It looks really beautiful on you, and so elegant! I imagine your baby will spit up on it in 30 seconds, but it should be easy to wash, right? I love it!

    1. I hadn’t thought of babyspit! I have to make some really good spit blankets then :) Fortunately it is easy to wash.

  2. Beautiful! Ideal for lounging with baby, and nursing too actually. Just cover your shoulders with all the burp/spit-up cloths you can :-)

  3. It’s gorgeous! I bought myself a silky robe just after our first daughter was born, for much the same reason. I’m not sure how well it worked but I think it’s worth a try! :D

    1. Thanks! Ha, we’ll see then! At least it’ll be spit-free for another 5 months.

  4. Every baby is new and unlike any other, but having something special to wear or a ritual of some kind (mine was showering) definitely helps those weary growing weeks. It looks gorgeous and in a fabric I loved from afar.

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