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Our Idea of Romance

Happy Valentines day!

We usually don’t celebrate this day, but this year we are. We’ve been so busy that it’s nice to have an excuse to just spend the day together and not work. It’s a rainy day today, so we’ll mostly be inside by the fire.

Lac de Setton

We’ve been together for 7 years now, and one thing we’re good at is making plans and dreaming about the future. Or maybe what we are good at above all is making plans and sticking to them until we’ve achieved our goal. Starting our own business, going on a big trip, building a yurt. That was our last plan, and after that we decided not to make any plans for a while. I wanted to just be, to enjoy where we are and what we have achieved in the past few years. I love making plans, but they take your focus off the moment, and sometimes you need to not have a plan and just live day to day.

Reeds, Lac de Setton

I thought I’d need a few months, but it turned out to be shorter. We’ve been living in the yurt for 7 weeks now. Last week we went on a long hike and we decided it’s time to start making plans again. I’m turning 31 next week and it feels like we need to get a bit more serious about where we’re going and how we’ll work towards our dreams.

So our Valentine’s day won’t be gifts, candles and romantic dinners, but we’ll spend the day making lists, figuring out what we want and need, and then making a plan. Questions we need to answer is whether we want to stay in France, if we’ll buy our own land, whether we can afford to keep our second home the firetruck, having kids… To be honest, planning our future is more romantic to me than candlelight dinners!

Yurt, photo by Suzi Colpa
Our yurt, photo by Suzi Colpa

And to give you a little preview at what’s coming next week: we’re planning the re-release of the Jade skirt. I’ve improved both the design and the instructions and added sizes 7-10. Plus it’s my birthday week, and you know that usually means a sale! So keep your eyes on your inbox…

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