Maternity basics

Mini Travel Wardrobe

For the first time when going on a short trip, I found it very easy to pack an almost handmade wardrobe. We’ve been on a 10 day holiday to Corsica, the French island in the mediterranean sea and we could only take hand luggage. The maternity basics I’ve made so far made a great mix and match ensemble combined with some RTW garments – it’s the closest I’ve come to a coordinated wardrobe, hehe. I made it easier by choosing blues, purples, greys and black so it would all go together. And then solids mixed with stripes, you can’t really go wrong there.

Maternity basics

These are all handmade: Espresso leggings, a tank I traced from a favourite RTW tank and a cropped Briar. The leggings aren’t adjusted, but I’ll lower the waistband on the next ones. The tank I just lengthened the front and put in some gathers at the side. I realise it’s a bit too transparant to wear without another top underneath, I wish I’d payed more attention when choosing to make a tank. A T-shirt would have been more appropriate. The cropped Briar is pretty perfect for maternity as is, and I foresee a couple more! I just traced an M instead of S this time and made the back a little less deep. Plus lengthening the sleeves by an inch as usual because I have monkey arms.

Maternity basics

Another fun ensemble that is really basic but very comfortable and still looks like an outfit: the cropped Briar, the same RTW traced tank but shorter, and my Jade Skirt. This tank also has some gathers at the side. The Jade Skirt isn’t adjusted, but I have plans for another one that includes a maternity hack. I can still wear it as is, but I’m grateful for the zipper at the back that is unzipped halfway most of the time. The leggings are actually cut off tights, they had holes and now I can walk barefoot.

Maternity basics

Since maternity clothing is pretty generic it seems a bit harder to hold on to your style during this time. Fortunately I can still wear my button downs, but I am so glad I bought these maternity dungarees too! I thought of making them, but the amount of work versus the length of wear wasn’t worth it to me. These were on sale and they make me feel completely like myself. I doubt I’ll be able to wear them in the last months but I’m wearing them as much as possible right now. I also had my grey flannel Archer with me and a light grey sweater. So there you go, just a few garments but enough to get me through 10 days.

Do you have any good tips for making a handmade travel wardrobe?

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  1. These are all great, and you’re wearing your bump so well! Corsica looks beautiful too, I hope it was a lovely holiday!

  2. Hey Lisa,
    I am in love the Jade skirt outfit. Those colors look great on you and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing a maternity hack! ;)
    All best with your pregnancy.


  3. I always take too much luggage when I’m travelling, but I like wearing dresses and having a bit of a choice… I guess mix and match is the way to go, but my separates actually don’t go that well together. Maybe something I can work on! Love your capsule maternity wardrobe, a very nice colour scheme!

    1. I find it hard to work from my existing wardrobe to try and make it more coherent. Sometimes I think of starting all over again. But a coherent wardrobe is also a bit restrictive, you can’t just make anything you want. I’m not sure I have the discipline :)

  4. dungarees are great! they might not work for the last trimester, but after birth. they nicely hide belly leftovers and they offer great modesty when nursing (side access). maybe add a pinafore dress to your wardrobe. i´m loving it.

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