New Years Re’sew’lutions

Now that we’re mostly settled in I’ve had some time to think about what I’d like to focus on this year. I’m really looking forward to getting creative again! Frida is past those all-consuming newborn months, which means I can start thinking of sewing again. Let’s be realistic though, until she goes to la crèche it’ll have to happen during nap times. With less time to spare, I’ve even more reason to think about what I’ll spend my precious time on. I thought some guidelines were in order lest I just order lots more fabric for projects I don’t have time for. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Explore the ways in which my body has changed

Even though I am back at my pre-pregnancy weight, my body does not look the same. It feels different and it looks different. For instance, I’ve gained three cupsizes because of nursing which is kind of nice but also temporary. I’ll have to do FBA’s for as long as this lasts, which doesn’t bother me at all because every A-cup girl wonders what it feels like to have a bigger cup size, and now I do. My proportions have also changed: certain shirts or styles look different on me now. I might need to try other necklines for instance. And of course there’s a little belly where there wasn’t one before. I feel like taking a closer look at my body and sewing things that compliment it will help me come to terms with these changes.

2. Re-think my style very carefully

I feel like I’ve been all over the place in terms of style, and that it has left me with quite some garments that aren’t really my style at all. I’d like to be more considerate when choosing patterns and fabrics so this doesn’t happen anymore, or less at least. I think it would be good to come up with some questions I need to ask myself before starting a project, to be sure I sew for me and not for an imaginary Pinterest person. This sounds really obvious but it still happens somehow.

3. Cut down distractions and find inspiration within

This is an important one as well. I read this excellent post by Jodie and it really resonated with me. So much sewing time is actually spent trying to find a fabric or a pattern or just browsing ‘inspiration’ and so little is spent actually making. In the end I often end up feeling overwhelmed by the many choices I have, which doesn’t actually spark any creativity at all. On the contrary. And though social media and other sites such as Pinterest do occasionally inspire me, they are mostly a big time suck in which I could instead have been creating something. There’s more on this that is a bit too long to explain now (like SM being an addiction) but I’m figuring out ways to cut down on online-time and amp up creating-time. I’ll try to find a way to be connected but not let it eat up my time.

4. Sew only from stash

I have SO.MUCH.FABRIC. I think I could sew for 10 years and not even finish all of it. That sounds exaggerated but I hardly make more than one garment a month and I definitely have more than 100 pieces of fabric. It weighs me down. It’s like a Pinterest of fabrics: too many choices that are equally good, so I end up not choosing and buying new fabric. It doesn’t make me feel good in the end. All of them call me and say hey, remember that awesome project you were going to use me for? Why havent you done that yet? So by the end of the year I aim to have halved my stash, through sewing or through de-stashing. I saw a call on Instagram to sew your pretty fabrics (don’t remember by whom) and I’m going to do just that!

So I’m curious, have you made any resewlutions? Did you stick to the ones you made last year?

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  1. I’ve gone through my pattern and fabric stashes and made a list of possible pairings which helps me sew from these first, as I found the process really inspiring. And I participate in Clopiano’s capsule2017 challenge, as I find that it motivates me to sew a more cohesive wardrobe. Hopefully, the motivation will hold up!

    1. Those are great ones. I find that when I make a list, I only sew the top two and then get distracted :) I’m going to try and just make a list of two things maybe. Sewing a more cohesive wardrobe is an ongoing challenge for me too, but I hope to improve that with thinking about my style more. Good luck sticking to your plans!

  2. I’m having the exact same problem – seven months post pregnancy and I’m a little bit below my pre-pregnancy weight, but none of my old clothes fit. And between the baby and working full time, I have no time to sew more clothes.

    Also, my stash. Oh god, my stash. It’s terrifyingly huge, and yet I keep buying fabric – part of it is that since I don’t have time to sew, I buy fabric instead, as a kind of surrogate creative outlet. My (wonderful, supportive) husband has started affectionately joking that I’m turning into a fabric collector. He’s not far off.

    I have patterns in mind for a lot of the fabric – like the three yards of boiled wool/viscose blend that I just bought last week to make into a Talvikki sweater – but I have no idea when I’ll ever get around to it.

    1. I can’t imagine working full time as well! I think sewing in very small increments could work. If you have a space to leave it all set up so you don’t have to do that every time.

      Yes exactly, a surrogate creative outlet. Like being creative but only in your imagination and still spending money on it :)

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing your re’sew’lutions! I know this post-baby-body-issue so well. My kids are 6 and 3 years old by now and it’s somehow still hard for me to get my image of me and the actual body of mine to align…
    And to resolutions: in January I bought a wonderful new sewing machine, after a year and a half without one since my old one was broken beyond repair. So I’m really happy right now and my only re’sew’lution for 2017 is to get to know this machine really well, to expand my knowledge on sewing in general and try out some techniques I’ve never tried before.

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