The patterns for launch are a swimsuit/bikini with a twist design and 3 views, an oversized T-shirt with different hem options, suitable for knits and wovens, and a lined purse. The swimsuit/bikini and T-shirt need testers, promotors and models, and the purse only needs promotors. There is a compensation for all three roles. All roles are remote, modeling included.

Testers (closed)

  • Patterns: swimsuit/bikini and/or T-shirt
  • Role: testing the sizes recently added for accurate fit.
  • Size range: Upper, High Bust 52″-61″ (132-155 cm), D-F cup
  • Compensation: Fabric & final pattern
  • No blog or social media presence required
  • Sewing level: Intermediate, with knowledge of personal fit issues.
  • You can test multiple patterns if desired.
  • Time: Early March

Ambassadors (closed)

  • Patterns: swimsuit/bikini, T-shirt and/or purse
  • Role: promoting a pattern across blog and social media after launch (april)
  • Size Range: Full, High Bust 31″-61″ (81.5-155 cm), A-F cup
  • Compensation: free pattern
  • Blog and social media presence required
  • Good photography is a plus
  • Sewing level: Intermediate, with knowledge of personal fit issues.
  • Time: Late March

Models (closed)

  • Patterns: swimsuit/bikini and/or T-shirt
  • Role: modeling a pattern for the official product photos
  • Size Range: Upper, High Bust 46″-61″ (117-155 cm), D-F cup
  • Compensation: Monetary compensation + fabric + finished pattern
  • Good photography & styling required, can be both indoor and outdoor
  • Sewing level: Intermediate, able to adapt pattern for personal fit issues such as height.
  • You can model for multiple patterns if desired.
  • BIPOC preferred.
  • Time: Late March

As an example, here is a photoshoot for the Jade Skirt. As a model you would take your photos as you do normally for your blog/social media, there is no extra styling required.

Thank you for applying!