Summer Palette 2014

Summer Wardrobe Colour Palette

I started with my summer wardrobe way too late, but still it was according to a plan and I stuck to it. That’s a first in my whole sewing career! It resulted in a cohesive capsule wardrobe that can be combined in terms of style and colour AND that feels really me. I made sure my first palette didn’t have too many colours, it can get more tricky getting them to go together and I wanted to start simple. This was the colour palette I had chosen for my summer wardrobe:

Summer Palette 2014

To be honest I kind of made this colour palette halfway. The only fabric I hadn’t bought when I made the palette was the blue shorts. So I guess I was kind of lucky that all these could go together so well. Though once the picture of all these together had formed in my head, it really helped me to stick with my plans. Thinking in outfits makes it easier to complete a project and not doubt so much about what to do with a fabric. It just helps if you have more than one reason for a project.

The only one that doesn’t belong with the rest is the blue and red top I made to go with the grey shorts. I hadn’t chosen my colour palette at the time and that just shows that a colour palette is kind of necessary. So I made two shirts, one with long sleeves and one with short, a top, two shorts and a maxi skirt. If I would have started earlier I would have liked to do more with the pink, and maybe a cardigan of some sort, or shorter skirt. I think I can just build on this palette next summer, since I haven’t really worn these clothes all that much.

Next up is my winter palette. I haven’t gotten around to any projects, but it’s already helping me wade through the sea of possibilities that is online fabric shopping! If you want to make one yourself, check out Gillian’s posts about how she does it. Have you used colour palettes before? Or are you able to create a cohesive wardrobe without them?

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  1. I’ve not used a pallett before and the result is a lot of pieces that don’t go well together. I’m starting my winter core wardrobe with the basics of black charcoal and cream. My plan is to fill in key pieces and then expand out to accenting colors once I have a better idea of what I’d like those colors to be. For me, this is a much more doable approach.

    1. Sounds like a good approach! I think some shade of gray will always be part of my palette, it’s such an easy colour to mix.

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