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On (Not) Sewing for Baby

When you’re pregnant and you sew, a question you often get is ‘Have you made something for baby yet?’. I know I was looking forward to diving into this new realm where everything is made out of unicorn and rainbow cuteness, but until now my answer has been ‘no’. First it was ‘no, we’re waiting to find out the gender’, but after we found out, I still didn’t feel like it. I was even starting to get worried a bit – was this a sign of denial, or fear or some kind? But no, the main reason for me is sustainability. When I sew for myself, I want to make my clothes in a way that they last as long as possible. Baby’s grow so fast in their first year that they’ll be growing out of their precious handmades in just a matter of weeks. Even though the cuteness appeals to me, I don’t feel like putting time and money into something that will only get worn a handful of times.