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Daily Life in the Morvan: Third Summer & Autumn

We’re well on our way to winter already, the temperatures have dropped and we just had our first snow today. But let’s go back to when it was warm and sunny, and we were walking around in dresses! Or, dirty T-shirts really, as our whole summer was taken up by renovating our new house. And, as it turned out, so was our autumn. This is because prior to us, the house belonged to an elderly couple. We’ve only seen their son, who told us they lived there for 18 years without really maintaining the house or the garden. It was habitable, but that’s about it. It was quite unbelievable (and also very visible) that an 80 year old woman had lived there by herself the last year. It was very cold, there were unfinished works, and it was so, so dirty. Our first idea was to only do the minimal work, move in at the 1st of October, and then spend the winter renovating the small house in the backyard so we could rent it out next summer.