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Unusual Sewing Space – Dutch Barge

For this second episode in the Unusual Sewing Space Series (see the first one here) I have a special guest for you from across the canal: Melissa Fehr. You have probably heard of or sewn with her modern activewear patterns by now, she’s been around for a while! I admire her style and her original designs, even though I’m not that ‘active’ myself hehe. But today is all about her unusual home and her sewing space: she and her partner James live on a houseboat on the Thames in London. This one is close to heart for me – did you know I was born on a Dutch barge like hers? My parents lived and worked on their own barge when I was born, navigating the (mostly) French rivers with cargo. There have been times when we thought about living on a boat ourselves, and seeing Melissa’s space reminds me of that road not taken. But now I leave you to admire Melissa’s beautiful home and sewing space!


Unusual Sewing Space: Yurt

Now that I’ve finally finished organising my sewing space, I thought I’d give you a tour! The unique challenges with a yurt are mostly it’s round walls made of a wooden frame and cloth, and the limited space. Plus it is one big room – I can’t make a mess and the just shut the door behind me. When it comes to sewing as a hobby, I think the challenge is that there are all these different parts of the sewing process that have their own requirements in terms of space and equipment needed. You need a place to sew, a place to iron and a place to cut fabric. And if you’re a designer, you also need a working desk and a place to draft patterns. Then there’s storage: for fabric, for patterns, for tools, haberdashery and works in progress, maybe even multiple machines. With the space I have I think I’ve pushed it to the limit, not feeling crowded when I sit at my desk and still being able to perform all these tasks. Enjoy the tour!