Wedding Dress: Reveal

I know last the last post was a bit of a tease! But rest assured, this post is all about my wedding dress! So, the last time I spoke about a pattern, I’d chosen McCalls M7154 over the Anna dress. I was looking forward to a challenging sew and thought our wedding might be a good opportunity. So I set out with my poly charmeuse, tracing, cutting and tacking all 25 pieces, labouring through all 57 sewing steps. But I don’t know what happened – maybe it was the fabric (ugh, poly charmeuse), maybe it was just the bazillion steps, or the idea that I’d have to do it all again with the real fabric: I fell out of love. I tried to keep going, but in the end I didn’t finish my muslin. It wasn’t even that it was too hard or too difficult, I did learn some interesting techniques and I did love it at first. But in the end I left it unfinished and went back to my original plan: a modified Anna Dress.

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Wedding Dress: Dye Experiments

As my neighbour pointed out, I’m no longer a ‘mademoiselle’, but a ‘madame’! Our wedding was this past Saturday, and it was such a wonderful day. The weather was great, the ceremonie short but special, the food was delicious and our families got on well. I don’t have all the photo’s yet, so I’ll tell you more about it in the next post. In the last post I’ve shown the fabric. I’ll leave the pattern choices and sewing experiences for yet another post, first let’s see what I did with that beautiful ‘bright flowing peace silk’.

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Wedding Dress Progress

Bright flowing peace silk

As the date is drawing closer (7 weeks to go!) I’m beginning to feel a tiny bit more pressure. I’m trying not to get worried yet, I’m having so much fun already with this project and I don’t want to spoil it. Since many people have apparently bought this pattern, I’m going to keep a journal of my alterations and findings as I’m working on it. This is where I’m at so far.

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Wedding Dress – First steps

McCalls M7154

So let’s dive into it straight away, shall we? After some deliberation I’ve decided to go with the McCalls M7154 dress! I just kept going back to it last week. It’s not often that everything in a pattern speaks to me (especially when it comes to evening gowns), but this one just does. I think the shape would really suit me, and I love the cut outs and the skirt panels.

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