TTT Jumpsuit 5

Thrift Store Treasures #9

It’s been way too long since the last Thrift Store Treasure! I was downtown for some errands and couldn’t help sneaking in the thriftshop that usually has the best stuff. Beautiful motorcycle jackets, 70’s shirts, vintage dresses. Not the shop you buy something for a couple of euro’s. I had tried on some dresses (very cool but either white, beige or yellow, they made me look like I had the flu) and then found this jumpsuit. I chuckled and tried it on. The mirror was occupied so I walked around the shop, putting my hands in the pockets. It was so comfortable, I was sold before I’d seen what I looked like!

TTT Jumpsuit

I’ve wanted a jumpsuit for a long time and even though I would have made something of a softer fabric, I love this print. It obviously needed some altering, it was at least two sizes too big. I started with cutting off the legs and deconstructing the pockets. I took 4 cm off both sideseams from the waist down, and then reconstructed the pockets. I like altering thrift store finds, but the deconstruction phase usually takes up half the overall project time.

TTT Jumpsuit 2
TTT Jumpsuit 3

Last, I took in the bodice side seams, starting at the armholes at 6 cm and tapering to the waist. I kept it loose to guard the balance between the bottom and the top. I’ve been thinking about taking out the elastic and putting in darts. It could make the whole thing a bit more elegant, don’t you think? The elastic is a bit on the tight side anyway, and it makes my hips stand out more than they need to.

TTT Jumpsuit 3
TTT Jumpsuit 5

It took me about 5 hours altogether, but it wasn’t a difficult alteration. I haven’t changed the garment that much but it’s wearable now. I’d still like to do something more radical sometimes, but for now I’m quite happy with my new (and slightly crazy) jumpsuit. I’m curious what you think, is this a bit of a weird clowns costume or would you wear it too?

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