McCalls M7154

Wedding Dress – First steps

So let’s dive into the wedding stuff straight away, shall we? After some deliberation I’ve decided to go with the McCalls M7154 dress! I just kept going back to it last week. It’s not often that everything in a pattern speaks to me (especially when it comes to evening gowns), but this one just does. I think the shape would really suit me, and I love the cut outs and the skirt panels.

McCalls M7154
Images from McCalls

The recommended fabrics are charmeuse, crepes, crepe de chine and crepe back satin, so I’ve got several options when it comes to fabric. I’ll need 4 yards and as I said I don’t want to spend a fortune. Right now I’m looking at silks, and peace silk in particular. I haven’t done much research yet, but peace silk is harvested without killing the silkworms. I’m not sure I’ll be able to find 4 yards of it within my budget (which I haven’t even quite established yet), but we’ll see. The first version will probably be a polyester though. Either way it’l be quite a sewing challenge, which I’m looking forward to.

Then there’s the question of plain or patterned. Plain would be best to show off the features I guess, but it wouldn’t it also be… plain? I don’t know, I’m leaning towards maybe a muted abstract print. Or maybe dip dyed? I’ve searched a lot of online shops but I haven’t found the right fabric yet (so many florals!). It might be even cooler to dye my own fabric. But it’ll all come down to time, I guess. We haven’t set a date yet, I might let it depend on when I think I’ll finish this dress, hehe.

McCalls M7154

I love that line drawing so much! I’m not sure about the little gathers at the front and back though, not sure if they have a purpose or if I can draft them out. For colour, I’m leaning towards pink and associated colours. I guess that’s 5 year old me speaking. When my parents got married I was 5 and I had a very princessy view on weddings. I was so disappointed when my mom didn’t wear a dress and there was no dancing. At least I got to wear a pink dress and a big pink bow in my hair. I haven’t seen that pink loving girl for a long time but lately I do feel attracted to pink again. Plus it goes well with my skin tone.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

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    1. I hope I can do it justice! (no pressure) (kidding lots of pressure :))

  1. Super mooi! It somehow reminds me of greece dresses from my history book :p. Very pretty :)

  2. that’s such a beautiful pattern. I’m looking forward to seeing your version. Good luck finding the perfect fabric!

  3. This is such a beautiful pattern, actually one of the few I’d consider making just as is. I’m terrible for wanting to change everything I make ;-).
    I’m looking forward to updates!

    1. I do that too, every single time! A sign of knowing exactly what you want, I guess.

  4. Love this pattern. It’s so romantic, classic and weddingy. Greece goddess meets Celtic nymph? Anyway can’t wait for the next round of pictures. Also I think it would maybe be nicer without a pattern or something very sophisticated.

    1. Yes I’m not sure what would be best. But It’ll have a try out before the real one.

  5. I look forward to seeing your progress! If big parts of it are cut on the bias, I found that Sandra Betzina “Sewing on the Bias” class had lots of helpful tips for stabilizing stretchy bias seams, which can be a challenge with silk. And Steam-a-Seam Lite could help keep the hems from getting wonky. Let me know if you want me to send a care package from the States…I’m a Steam-a-Seam hoarder.

    1. Thank so much for the offer Julie! I might want to pick your brains, I’m a newbie when it comes to silk. I have some to practice with though.

  6. I am super excited to hear how you go. I’m making this pattern for my friend’s wedding and we pretty much have had the same thoughts re: pattern, gathers on skirt, whats the best fabric.

    It’s a gorgeous pattern, you’ll look (and feel) amazing. Good luck.

    1. Good luck to you too! I think I’ll leave the gathers in on the muslin, and see how I feel about them.

    2. I am also working onthis pattern. What were your thoughts on this pattern? Have you finished making good it for your friends wedding?

    3. Hi Andrea, no I havent finished it. I was working on the muslin, almost finished, when I decided not to wear it.

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