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Two Great Tips for Sewing Knits

When I started sewing on a more regular basis, I mostly sewed with knits. I didn’t know they were supposed to be difficult to sew because I wasn’t reading blogs yet. Though knits have never really scared me it’s really helpful to find the best techniques for sewing with different kind of knits. Today I want to share some tips I’ve tested and found very helpful – one for a neckline binding method for jerseys, and one for finishing bulky knits on a serger.

Tips & Tricks

12 Tips for Sewing With Sweater Knits

To wear, sweater knits are my favourite for sweaters and cardigans. You get the look of a hand knit sweater, but you don’t actually have to knit it. And they come in so many varieties, fine or bulky, all acrylic, cotton or wool content, some even knit in a beautiful lace pattern or cables. They differ from jersey because they are usually knit more loosely and with thicker yarn. The variety of styles you can make is demonstrated in the Opal Cardigan sample garments, they are all knits but differ greatly in style. You can read more on picking the right fabric for your look here. Now, let’s focus on how to sew with sweater knits.