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How to Lengthen or Shorten the Jade Skirt

The Jade comes in two versions, mini and midi. I like the mini a lot, but it’s a bit on the short side because I’m 5’10”, and the pattern is drafted for a height of 5’7″. When I make the mini, I like to add a half inch to an inch (1-2,5 cm). Due to the way the front pattern piece is folded, lengthening or shortening this pattern piece is not as straightforward as just shifting slashing and spreading along the middle, or even at the bottom. So in this post I’ll show you how to adjust the length of the Jade front piece.

Blogpost | Tutorials

How to Draft in Between Sizes

It’s all nice and well if your fit in one size column, but the reality for the majority of women is that they span multiple columns. I know I do; my bust, waist and hip usually have a column all for themselves. Most Indie patterns are ‘nested’, which means that the different sizes are drafted in such a way that you can easily draw a line from one size to another. The Jade pattern is also nested for this purpose. However, the front piece has kind of a zig-zag outline, which makes drawing a neat line a bit difficult. In this post I’ll show you the easiest way of drafting between sizes on the Jade skirt front piece, taking my own adjustments as an example.


Jade – How to Choose a Size

If you’re an experiencesd sewist you’ll know how to find your size in a size chart, but if you’re just beginning it might be nice to have some background info. In this post we’ll discuss how to find the right size in the size charts and how to check this with your fabric.


How to Install an Exposed Zipper

The Jade pattern offers instructions on how to insert an exposed zipper at the center back. It describes our preferred way to do this, but if you’d like to do it a different way you can find some alternatives here. In this post we’ll go through Step 8 of the Jade instructions.


New Pattern: The Jade Skirt

I’m so so excited the moment is finally here: the Jade skirt is available for download! Along with our first pattern we’ve created this new space for our company to come to fruition. I hope you’ll have a good experience making our patterns and enjoy our nook of the web!