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Jade – How to Choose a Size

If you’re an experienced sewist you’ll know how to find your size in a size chart, but if you’re just beginning it might be nice to have some background info. In this post we’ll discuss how to find the right size in the size charts and how to double check this with your fabric.

Available sizes

The sizes available for the Jade are size 1 to 10. These are roughly comparable to EU size 34 – 54, US size 2 – 22 and UK size 6 – 24. We have only provided the waist and hip measurements for the Jade, because these are the only ones that matter for a skirt. Choosing a size starts as always with measuring your hip and waist and selecting these measurements in the size chart. If you have to draft between sizes, make sure to check out this post, it will save you time and possibly a headache.

Fabric choice

The next step is to check the amount of stretch of your fabric, because this will play a role in the size you end up with. The pattern is drafted with an overall negative ease of 1 5/8″ (4 cm). If your fabric is so stretchy it could handle double that negative ease, you end up with a size smaller than your measurements would indicate. If you want to determine the amount of stretch in a knit you already bought this is a good way to do that.

Another simple way is to look at the finished measurements for your size. Double the hip measurement listed, mark it on your fabric and wrap this length around your hips. Is it too big, then go a size down; too tight then go a size up.

But don’t worry if you’re not sure about the perfect fit: there is a fitting step in the instructions. If you need to take it in or let it out, it’s easy to do it at that point in the sewing process. Try to cut the size that is closest to your body measurements, and further adjust the fit at Step 6 in the instructions.

One last measurement you need to take in account is the length of the finished skirt. The length of the skirt varies between columns, but the effect mostly depends on your height. Our patterns are drafted for a body height of 5’7″. You can check where the hem will hit by measuring the listed finished garment length and holding it against your body. Take in account that the waistband is drafted to hit about 1 5/8″ (4 cm) below your natural waist. If you want to lengthen the skirt or draft between sizes at the bottom, I”ll be doing tutorials on that in the next two weeks.

If you have any further questions or remarks regarding sizing, leave a comment below!

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  1. Hello, I’m fairly new to sewing with knits. I saw the Jade skirt pattern needs negative ease of 2 3/8″. I know what negative ease means, I just don’t know how to tell if my fabric will work. The link above on telling if your fabric will work, does not work. I read the next paragraph about doubling the finished measurement size. If I make a size 6, the finished hip measurement is 39.5 x 2 = 79. My actual hips only measure 36″. If I wrap 79″ around my hips, am I supposed to wrap it more than once. I am so confused. I’ve tried searching the internet for more information but can’t find much on negative ease.


    1. Hi Karen, I’m not sure why you would double the fabric, but here’s how you can tell if it works: Take the finished hip measurement on the fabric and wrap it around your hips. If it is too loose, go down a size. Too tight, go up a size. Hope this helps.

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