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New Pattern: The Jade Skirt

I’m so so excited the moment is finally here: the Jade skirt is available for download! Along with our first pattern we’ve created this new space for our company to come to fruition. I hope you’ll have a good experience making our patterns and enjoy our nook of the web!

The Specs

The Jade comes in 6 sizes: 1-6 in our size chart,  sizes 7-10 will be added in the near future. The pattern is nested for easy drafting between sizes. We’ve added tutorials on how to draft between sizes and how to adjust the length.

Red Jade
Jade Technical Illustration

The Jade skirt is a most comfortable skirt with a snug fit. The front consists of one piece of fabric that is folded, a feature that transforms a simple skirt into an eye-catching piece. This skirt for me is the ultimate combination of comfort and style, and I’ve been wearing it a lot! This is actually the only kind of mini skirt I’ll wear, because with the knit fabric it doesn’t feel so short, and it even feels warm. Stef always laughs out loud when I say this, but you get what I mean right?

The recommended fabric is a light to medium weight knit. There are two versions: View A is a mini: it wil do great for a night out or with some warm tights underneath for autumn and winter. View B is a mid-thigh to knee length, depending on your body length. In a plain colour this version is perfect for work: it’s decent but interesting. It has the shape of a pencil skirt, but is much more comfortable than a regular woven skirt.

The download package includes several files. View A and B are drafted separately due to the nature of the folds. For each version there is a tiled PDF to print out at home on either A4 or Letter paper. Both versions also have one sheet PDF’s that can be printed at a copy shop, at A0 and 33″ paper. Last but not least there’s an extra folding practice PDF with which you can practice folding the front piece.



The price also deserves some mention: you pay what you think it’s worth. At the beginning when I promised to make a pattern out of the folded mini, I said it would be available for free. Because I like to keep my word, it is indeed possible to get it for free! But, since we have become a company and there have gone so so many hours in creating this pattern, we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to put a price on it, either. Paprika Patterns is my sole employment, and all proceedings will go directly into creating new patterns! So if you’d like to see more of what we can do, then feel free to set your own price. If you can’t afford any price, then consider maybe a tweet, blog review or other mention in any place. Spreading the word would also help us to build our company. Whatever you choose, you have our heartfelt gratitude!

Now, I hope you’ll enjoy making and wearing this skirt as much as I do! Go get your Jade here :)

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  1. I love it!!!
    I’m ashamed to say that I bought for… $1! Sorry, but it’s all I can afford now as I’m currently unemployed (and running after every pennies).
    Thus, I really REALLY appreciate that you give us (poor people!) the opportunity to get great pattern at low price, and be sure that I will support you as much as I can in the future!
    PS: I discovered your work thanks to the Instagram account of anniecoton, and I will spread the word through my IG as well!

    1. No need to be ashamed! This is exactly what we intended, for everyone to be able to afford a Jade, no matter at which price! Thank you so much for spreading the word Zéphine!

  2. Thanks Lisa. Im thinking the longer version will be great for my core wardrobe. Now for the self discipline to get my other planned pieces done first.

  3. What a cute skirt!!! Gonna make it soon for my daughter, she love this kind of skirt. Thank you for this pattern.

  4. I love it so much!!! It’s something like a skirt I made a while ago (with no pattern hahaha those were the days) and I’d love to see how yours differs! The pattern is listed on the link as $9 though?

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