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When Do You Need a Full Bust Adjustment?

A full bust adjustment must be one of the most common adjustments for people with breasts to make. Some pattern companies include multiple bodice pattern pieces with their patterns, but in most cases the front piece will be drafted for a certain cup size. In that case, you will need to adjust the front pattern piece to fit a larger bust. A look at how your RTW clothing fits you might already give you a clue. Are your button downs gaping? Your wrap tops falling open? Tight across the bust? Gaping armholes? Good in the bust but too large in the shoulders? Then you probably need one. Especially in woven garments, doing a full bust adjustment makes a huge improvement on the fit. And a better fitting garment will make you love that garment more.


Opal Coat – & Cardigan V.2.0

Since it’s release last winter I’ve also release a free V-neck add on, because it seemed an obvious option, as other people pointed out by altering it into a V-neck. Since then I have wanted to merge the two just to make it easier for you. I’ve managed to accomplish this in the past few weeks, and the new and updated Opal Coat – & Cardigan is now available in the shop! I’ve also altered the pattern and the instructions to allow for a coatigan version in a woven fabric. The V.2.0 now features three different necklines, three hem lengths, two sleeve lengths and two pocket options. Whew!


What You Made: Spring Edition

As you’ve probably heard from every pattern designer, seeing what people make with your patterns is just the best. Which is why Me Made May is even more exciting for us, because everyone is posting outfit posts daily, and there are always so many new makes to discover. I’ve gathered my favourites here, I hope you find some inspiration for your next projects! You can find more on our Pinterest board, and if you’d like to be featured here just tag us @paprikapatterns on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


How to Sew a Woven Opal by Charlotte

I’m delighted to have this guest post for you today by Charlotte. I first met Charlotte at the big Paris meetup in November 2014 and we’ve kept in touch since then. I can honestly say she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! She blogs at English Girl at Home, has her first PDF pattern out, and is interested in all things crafty besides sewing. Her blog is also a great resource if you’re interested in dyeing with natural dyes. For now, she’s here to show off her Opal Cardigan made in a woven fabric and tell you how she made that work!

Tips & Tricks

12 Tips for Sewing With Sweater Knits

To wear, sweater knits are my favourite for sweaters and cardigans. You get the look of a hand knit sweater, but you don’t actually have to knit it. And they come in so many varieties, fine or bulky, all acrylic, cotton or wool content, some even knit in a beautiful lace pattern or cables. They differ from jersey because they are usually knit more loosely and with thicker yarn. The variety of styles you can make is demonstrated in the Opal Cardigan sample garments, they are all knits but differ greatly in style. You can read more on picking the right fabric for your look here. Now, let’s focus on how to sew with sweater knits.


Opal: Recommended Fabric (+ Discount!)

Fabric choice is key for every pattern, but even more so for the Opal Cardigan. You can make your choice based on what kind of style you are looking for, or whether you’re a sweater knit rookie or an expert. I’ve used three very different fabrics for my samples to show what the fabric choice can do with the fit and the style of the cardigan. The recommended fabric section in the instructions lists sweater knit, but if you find a nice ponte or French terry you can use that too. I’ve used a lightweight knit for View A, a medium weight and coarse knit fro View B, and a heavy textured 70% wool knit for View C. They are all made in size B, graded out at the hips to C. To help you find the right fabric, Gorgeous Fabrics has provided you with a 20% discount, so read on!


New Pattern: Opal Cardigan

We’re proud to present our new pattern, the Opal Cardigan! This garment has filled a hole in my wardrobe and sparked a love for cardigans. I’ve always thought I was a sweater person, but the truth is that I just hadn’t found the right style yet. It can be described best as no fuss with clean lines. It has a relaxed fit so you can throw it over anything if you need the extra layer. It’s just as easy to take off again since it has no buttons or buttonholes. Sewing buttonholes in a stretchy knit can’t be anyones favourite and you won’t have to with the Opal. This makes it a really quick sew as well, to be finished in just a few hours. This cardigan is perfect to throw on if you want to add more dimension to your outfit, or just to stay warm this winter. It’s even better for those days where you’re not sure you’ll need the extra layer since it’s so easy to throw on and off.