Opal V-neck Add-on

Opal Coat – & Cardigan V.2.0

Now that the temperatures are dropping, I find myself grabbing my Opal cardigans more often. They’re so easy to throw on, and because of their relaxed fit I can throw them over almost anything, including the baby carrier I seem to be wearing most days. I use them both in the house and as an extra layer outside – in fact, I have a new one planned that I can wear as a winter coat.

Since it’s release last winter I’ve also release a free V-neck add on, because it seemed an obvious option, as other people pointed out by altering it into a V-neck. Since then I have wanted to merge the two just to make it easier for you. I’ve managed to accomplish this in the past few weeks, and the new and updated Opal Coat – & Cardigan is now available in the shop! I’ve also altered the pattern and the instructions to allow for a coatigan version in a woven fabric. The V.2.0 now features three different necklines, three hem lengths, two sleeve lengths and two pocket options. Whew!

Opal Cardigan
Opal Coat- & Cardigan V.2.0

If you’ve already purchased the Opal and the V-neck add-on, you can find the updated pattern in your account. If you haven’t made an account yet, you can do so here. Drop me an email afterward and I’ll add your orders to your account. This way you can never lose your patterns and you’ll always have the latest version. The Opal V-neck Add-On has been removed from the shop but will still be available in your account. Just know that you don’t have to use it anymore!

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