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SIM – Onyx With a Lace Lining by Dixie DIY

On this last day of Sewing Indie Month, I’m excited to welcome Dixie from Dixie DIY Patterns to our blog! Dixie was among the first blogs I started following. She was also one of the first to publish her own PDF patterns, and her series on how to start an Indie Pattern Company were a huge help when I started out. She’s prepared a fun Onyx hack for today. Enjoy!

Hi Paprika and SIM readers! I’m Dixie from Dixie DIY Patterns and I’m quite excited to share this nifty little Onyx Shirt hack with you. I used the Onyx Shirt as a base and did something a little different – I added a lining with lace attached to the hem. I like this look better than just sewing lace to the hem of a shirt because it looks like you’re wearing two separate tops and the layers move independent of one another.

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Pattern Hack: Colour Blocked Onyx

Today I’ll show you how to adapt your Onyx pattern so you can make a colour blocked shirt. It’s a very simple adjustment since the cropped View B already provides us with a guideline for where to slash the pattern. I’ve made illustrations instead of photos because I still need to set up a space with good light. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.


Colour Blocked Onyx

This project is something I had in mind since I started developing the Onyx: the lines of View B lend itself perfectly to colour blocking. I’ve actually thought about including this as a View C in the pattern, but it would have become too complicated to read with all the lines going through the middle. So here it is anyway, this week as a finished make, next week as a tutorial to show you how to adapt the pattern. Besides colour blocking I also wanted to make a super airy Onyx. So far I’ve only shown the pattern with lawn, batiste and linen, but the version without the cuffs or even sleeves is also very suitable for drapey fabrics such as rayon, crepe and chiffon.