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How to Sew the Onyx Cuffs

Sewing the Onyx cuffs is not the most difficult step technically, but the construction method might be new to you. The cuffs are designed as separate pattern pieces to get a better fit with the sleeves. You know those T-shirts with rolled up cuffs that stand at a different angle than the sleeves? Those ‘wings’ are a pet peeve of mine, and it’s what you get when you roll up a tapered sleeve. The Onyx cuffs have a zig zag edge and thus fit their sleeve perfectly. To better understand the sewing process, we’ve made this tutorial. We’ll follow Step 5 of the Onyx instructions.

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How To Sew a Bias Tape Neckline

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to finish a neckline with bias tape. We’ll be walking through Step 2 of the Onyx Shirt instructions, but you can follow these steps for any curved seam finished with bias tape. Before I used the techniques shown here, it took me quite a few tries to get this right. I always felt like tutorials made it seem so easy. And yet I could not get the neckline to lay flat, there were wrinkles, just not something I could really be proud of. But I’ve developed/discovered a few tricks that now give me the results I want, and I hope that after this tutorial you can be proud of your bias tape necklines too!


How to Choose Your Size

When you open the Onyx .zip file, you might find that we have organised the files a little different from usual. This has to do with the size chart and drafting methods that we have chosen. You can read about the why of this in this post. Here I’ll show you how you can find the right size easily.

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Fuel your Creativity by Organising your Stash – Part 2

Last week we talked about how having a large fabric and/or pattern stash can make us feel guilty and embarrassed. Moreover, if you lose track of what you have, your large stash is not creating opportunities but inhibiting your creativity. I listed steps for you to follow if you want to do something about this: eliminate temptation, catalogue your stash and catalogue your patterns. Check out the comment section too, there’s some great examples of how others catalogue their stash and patterns. If you have already started: yay you! If you haven’t and you’re waiting for the happy ending: that’s what we’ll talk about today. Now that you have easy acces to all of your fabrics and patterns, let’s make some sewing plans!

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Fuel your Creativity by Organising your Stash – Part 1

Let’s talk about the size of our fabric stash today! I know – being honest about the amount of fabric and patterns you have might induce a certain amount of embarrassment and guilt. I seem to have an alter ego that takes over when looking at fabric. This other version of me has all the time in the world, the wildest ideas and never loses her mojo. Unfortunately this alter ego is not much connected with reality. I buy that fabric or pattern and then find that I have no time at all. Thus my stash accumulates and with it my guilt about purchases.