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Introducing the Fall/Winter Collection

Autumn is well underway and it’s high time to introduce you to our new Fall/Winter pattern collection! We have a completely new design, a re-release from the Tuesday Stitches collection and an updated best seller. All patterns go up to a 64″ hip. Let’s start with the Coral Sweater & Dress! The Coral is a…


Ultraviolet Tee, Two Ways

A little while ago I said on Instagram that my summer wardrobe is complete, and that I didn’t feel the need to add new handmade pieces. I have been working up to this point for a few years now. My handmade pieces last me multiple summers, so there’s no need to keep adding to it….


How to Sew a Swimsuit with a Skirted Bottom

Adding a skirt to the bottom of your swimsuit is a great way to give it a bit of personality while also adding a bit of coverage. You can customize the length from cheeky to modest and you can customize the fullness from girly to sporty. You can also easily add a skirt to a…


Ultraviolet Hack: Lengthen to a Dress

As promised, here’s a tutorial on how to lengthen the Ultraviolet Tee into a Dress. Depending on your measurements, this could be a super simple hack or a simple hack, either way it’s quickly done! What you need Ultraviolet Tee pattern Measuring tape Extra pattern paper Pencil Long ruler Scissors & tape Step 1: Take…


Ultraviolet Summer Dress

The Ultraviolet Tee to me just begs to be made into a simple shift, and it’s such an easy hack too! It can be done for both the woven and the knit version. You can wear it as it is or add a belt to accentuate your silhouette. In this post we’ll show you our…


Presidio Purse: Adding Piping

Adding piping is a fun way to add a pop of color or a bit of definition to your purse. Alice added a couple of different colors to hers and they sure make an otherwise plain bag pop (along with that great topstitching!)! Ellen put piping in just around the front inset to really make…


Presidio Purse: Handles

Drumroll please….. This is the last step of construction for the Presidio Purse! There are still a few posts to come on different customization options, but this is the last post you’ll need to sew your own, from start to finish. So, let’s get going! Handle A Sew Handle A interfacing to Handle A on…