Ultraviolet Summer Dress

The Ultraviolet Tee to me just begs to be made into a simple shift, and it’s such an easy hack too! It can be done for both the woven and the knit version. You can wear it as it is or add a belt to accentuate your silhouette. In this post we’ll show you our example, the next one will show you what adjustments to make to the pattern.

The floral cotton lawn immediately spoke to me when I saw it at Blackbird Fabrics. I managed to snap up the last remaining 1.5 yards, just enough for a dress like this. I’m usually not much of a floral person but these are kind of abstract, and just so colorful, I imagined this dress right away. The cotton lawn doesn’t wrinkle much , and the print is busy enough to hide them anyway.

With the quick construction of the Ultraviolet Tee (cut-on sleeves!) you’ll have a dress like this in no-time! The only step that is a bit more lengthy is the bias neckline, but fortunately we have a tutorial for that. I’ve kept the original View A hem, to add something extra fun to the shape. I’ve also done a rounded back adjustment, the first time actually but I really should have started with that years ago! Especially woven tops just sit so much better on me with the adjustment.

And if you’d like to accentuate your silhouette, simply add a belt. You can make one out of the same fabric if you have enough, or just add one of another dress like I did here. And hey look, there’s something hiding underneath the dress too! Yup, baby three is on the way! I’m still wearing it comfortably at 17 weeks, but if it would be baby 1 I’d easily wear it up to at least 20. Fortunately we’re having some nice weather so I’m trying to get as much wear out of it as possible. In a knit fabric however you could wear it even longer.

In the next post we’ll explain how to make this adjustment to your Ultraviolet pattern, and what measurements to take.

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