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Coral Sweater & Dress: Size Selection & Fit

The Coral Sweater & Dress is a loose fitting sweater or dress with a slight cocoon shape. As you can see from the size chart, there are two size sets to choose from. They overlap for one size to accommodate grading between sizes. Our patterns have been drafted with two basic blocks. We’ve done this so we can better cater to a large size range without distorting shapes at either end, and to provide two cup size options.

Start by choosing your bust, waist and hip size. Size A-G are drafted for a B/C cup. This should fit most people whose waist and hip measurements fall into the A-G range. If your hips and waist are in the A-G range and you have a D-cup or larger, pick the bust size that corresponds with your high bust measurement and do a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA). It would be tempting to just go with a larger size for the bust, but that would mean your shoulders and sleeves would be bigger too. Size F-M are drafted based on a D/E cup. If your hips and waist are in the F-M range and you have an F-cup or larger, pick the bust size that corresponds with your high bust measurement and do an FBA.

Coral Sweater

That said, the pattern is drafted with 4 1/2” (12 cm) ease around the bust and 4 3/8” (13 cm) ease around the hips, so there is some wiggle room and if your measurements are just half an inch (up to 1.5 cm) off, you don’t have to make any adjustments at all. The waist even has 14″ (35 cm) of ease so you don’t really need to take this measurement into account.

Coral View B Side View

Even though the Coral Sweater & Dress is loose fitting, we have drafted some bust shaping into the bust design lines so it hangs better off the bust, and there should be no vertical drag lines. This is why Piece 1A is more curved than 1B or 1D, when you overlap them at the seamline they form a dart.

This pattern is drafted for a body height of 5’7″ (170 cm). If you are shorter or taller, shorten or lengthen the pattern pieces with the help of the shorten/lengthen lines.

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