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Introducing: Maternity Sewing!

I have some very exciting news to share with you today, as my new business has gone live last week! It’s the reason why it has been quiet over here at Paprika Patterns, as it took us over a year to get it all set up. And with us I mean Erin and I, as I also have an awesome business partner! You probably know Erin fro Tuesday Stitches, formerly SeamstressErin. So let me introduce you to Maternity Sewing: your source for Maternity, Nursing and Postpartum sewing patterns! It’s a marketplace where we have gathered all the maternity and nursing patterns from indie designers we could find. We have over 70 patterns right now, and many more in the process of onboarding. We hope to create a community for pregnant and nursing sewists, where we’ll share maternity style inspiration, tips and hacks, designer interviews, and promote body confidence. The latter is also why we included ‘postpartum’ in our mission. It can take a long time for your body to return to ‘normal’, and even if you manage to get back to your old weight, the shape of your body will probably have changed. A lot of women struggle to get reacquainted with their changed body, and that’s why we want to include postpartum too.


Summer Uniform: Amber + Onyx

Although my handmade summer wardrobe already contains many handmade items at this point, that doesn’t mean I should stop making, right? And one thing I definitely don’t have enough of, is summer trousers. So I made myself a new pair, and I’ve already been living in them these past weeks. I also modified my cropped Onyx Top, by just adding panels at the hem. I haven’t been wearing crop tops a whole lot, and I just hate to see this bright pink linen go to waste. I used the pattern pieces I still had from my colour-blocked Onyx Top, so it was a simple modification. You can find the tutorial for that here.


How to Sew Fabric Covered Elastic Cuffs

Spring has finally arrived! I was going through my summer wardrobe last week and although I have a large handmade collection, another pair of summer trousers was lacking. I had just the right fabric in my stash for another pair of Amber Trousers, and I thought it would be fun to try something else this time, so I added fabric covered elastic cuffs. I loved this look on some RTW trousers I saw, and also a pair by Baste + Gather. You need to hack the pattern just a little and take some measurements, but other than that it’s a pretty simple addition and it gives the Amber quite a different look. I thought you might like to do this yourself, so I made a tutorial.


Denali Vest for my Dad

What’s the longest time you’ve waited to finish a promised garment? I just gifted my dad a Denali Vest I sewed for him, TWO YEARS overdue. Yes, I’m that bad. Don’t ask me to sew something for you. Oh even worse, he didn’t even ask me, I just offered. Well anyway, it was his 65th birthday a few weeks ago, and I managed to hammer in the snaps on that same day so he could finally wear it. Fortunately he still loved it, and proceeded to brag to his co-workers about his daughter who sews, as parents do.


New Pattern: Jasper Crossover Collar Add-On

Attention all Jasper lovers: there’s a new look to create with the Jasper Sweater & Dress pattern! The Jasper Crossover Collar Add-on can be used in conjunction with the Jasper pattern to create a modern crossover collar and a kangaroo pocket. The add-on includes full instructions and a new Front pattern piece to accommodate the higher neckline. The collar is lined and can be worn two ways, depending on your choice of fabric. With a stiff fabric you can shape it to sit upright, and with a lighter fabric you can also roll it down. A contrasting lining like we used in the sample is a fun way to add something extra.