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Choosing Buttons for the Jasper Hood

Adding buttons to the Jasper hood is of course optional, but for me it just looks more finished with buttons. They are not functional, but they give the impression that the hood is wrapped around your head almost.

Different types and colours of buttons can completely change the style of your hoodie. Below are a couple of examples. The big black ones make it bold, the white and checkered ones give it more of a 60’s looks, and so forth. I love the flower ones but they were a bit big for my taste –  I wish I had bought the smaller version!

So I went with medium black ones, as a reference to my first Jasper hoodie and I like the black and yellow together. What look will you give the Jasper with your choice of buttons?

Jasper buttons gif

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  1. I don’t know how many readers are using this for information gathering, but I know I am. I like your points and agree with many.

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