Catrins Onyx View A

What You Made – Summer Edition

I thought it high time for another round up of the gorgeous garments I’ve seen popping up. The Onyx was our best seller for a while, but last month the Jasper has taken over again – it seems people have autumn on their mind already. What I love is that several people have either made more than one of our patterns, or made the same pattern more than once. Isn’t that just the best compliment? Well it is to someone who rarely makes a pattern twice! And it appears the Onyx crop top (View B) is perfect for combining in a two piece setacular, be it with a skirt or pants. Enjoy these gorgeous makes, I hope you’ll find some inspiration in here!

Catrins Onyx View A
I’d steal this whole outfit! Onyx View A by Catrin from Stoffbüro.
Catrin's Onyx View B
Love the contrast yoke and tab on this sleeveless Onyx in linen
Julie’s summery crop top
Charlotte's second Onyx
Aaahh, to stroll along the Seine like Annie in her Onyx…

There are more than a few in here I wish I’d have hanging in my closet! If only summer were just starting… And a merino wool Jasper has got to be the best sweater for fall, if only I could get my hands on some. Also, no less than three of the Onyx shirts above are made with fabrics from Atelier Brunette, as was one of my samples. Especially their batiste is a perfect choice. Regarding the Onyx with a yoke: if you’d like to make this stay tuned, there might just be a tutorial in the making for Sewing Indie Month.  For now I wish you a great week!

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