Jasper Sweater/Dress View A

New Pattern: The Jasper Sweater/Dress

I am super psyched to bring you this news: our new pattern is available in the shop! The Jasper Sweater/Dress is a design long in the making. It started as an experiment back when I had no clue how to draft patterns. It turned out wearable enough, but now that I do know how to draft I could only share it with you. The most recognisable version is the sweater with a big hood and a cowl neckline. I couldn’t resist making it in a dress version though, because everybody just needs a sweater dress! And if you’re not into hoodies, you can make the big collar, with or without epaulet.

Jasper Sweater/Dress View A

So let me tell you about the design. When I started thinking of turning my experiment into a pattern, my aim was to make a more elegant version of a standard hoodie. I want you to have the comfort and warmth of a hoodie, but you should also feel put together. A sweater to lounge in with a cup of tea, but also a garment that you’d wear out of the house to meet friends. The bodice has four pieces: front, back and two side panels. The side panels work as an armhole princess, allowing more shape in both back and front. This design follows the curves of your body.

Jasper Sweater/Dress View B

A garment like this has to have pockets, naturally. To keep the appearance clean, it features single welt pockets incorporated in the seams that connect front and side pieces. On the inside, they are connected by a tube pocket. The functionality of a kangaroo pocket, but not as visible. If welt pockets scare you, don’t worry: besides instructions with lots of illustrations, I’ve created a step by step photo tutorial as well.

Jasper Sweater/Dress View A
Jasper Sweater/Dress View A

View A features the big hood. It has a horizontal seam along the back, which gives the hood its a characterising shape. It also makes the hood lie back in a neat way. The hood has an asymmetrical front that is connected all around, and shaped into a V with a slight cowl. Three optional buttons can be added for extra detail.

Jasper Sweater/Dress View B
Jasper Sweater/Dress

View B features a big collar, also shaped into a V with a slight cowl at the front. An optional epaulet on one side adds detail and gives the collar some structural interest. The collar is able to stand up on its own when the recommended fabric is used. My favourite way to wear this in cold weather is to tuck a shawl into the collar.

Jasper Sweater/ Dress
Jasper Sweater/Dress View B

The sleeve head is higher than usual for a garment like this, to provide a semi-tight fit and a polished look. The sleeve seam lies toward the back, in line with the back and side seam of the bodice. Cuffs and hem bands provide the finishing touch. The recommended fabrics are sweatshirt fleece (knit on one side and a soft, brushed back side), regular fleece and matelasse or quilted jersey. Or anything else you can find that has a bit of body and minimal to no stretch.

I’ve basically lived in this pattern for over two winters now! I promise you, when the weather turns cold this is all you’ll want to wear. So hop over to the shop and check it out!

Photography: Suzi Colpa
Fabrics: rijstextiles.com and thesweetmercerie.com
Wearing: Size 3 graded out to 5 at the hips. Bodice and sleeves lengthened by 1″ (2,5 cm) because I’m 5’10”. 

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  1. Beautiful!!! I have always loved your “experiment” and was waiting for the day that I could mimick it (still somewhat of a beginner). Now it’s even better and I can make one straight away. So much for my resolution to finish the projects I already have started….hmm… Maybe making this can be my reward for finishing those…

    1. I’m a firm believer in doing the project you are most enthusiastic about ;) Sewing is for fun, not for plans checking off lists!

  2. Yay!!! Congrats, Lisa! I love your new samples even more than the original hoodie! I have been wearing my test version loads, considering the sleeves are really too short, and have been looking forward to seeing the final pattern! I’ve already printed it and will make up another version as soon as I can get any appropriate fabric. I still really want the dress as well, yours looks so cosy!

    1. Thanks Jana! If you get all nit picky over the pattern/instructions again, you’re welcome to share with me :) Your detailed feedback was most helpful!

    2. Ha, I am taking this as an invitation and I will totally send all my picked nits your way! And then I’ll say that you asked for it! Brace yourself! (;

      Seriously, I’m sure the final pattern won’t have much for me to comment on after all the work you put into it during the testing phase. But if I still notice anything, I’ll definitely let you know!

    3. Hehe, cool. The brain fog was getting denser at the end so there must be something! And the great thing with PDF is that I can incorporate your feedback in pattern version 1.1.

  3. Love the new pattern. I’m a fan of Jade skirt and as soon as I find appropriate fabric for this dress, I’ll be buying it. Will ponte work?

    1. Hi Deepika! I’m not sure about ponte, it depends on the weight. The grey one in the photo’s is not a ponte but a lighter weight sweatshirt and you can see the difference with the other two, it’s a little less streamlined. So it’s up to you what kind of effect you want! I have written a post about fabric too.

  4. Love it! I still wear the sweater I made of you first version, although he is stained. Time for a new Jasper!

  5. Congratulations! As a tester of this pattern, I’m super excited to see it released! My “test” version has certainly gotten plenty of wear this winter as a wearable muslin, and I’m looking forward to making up both sweater views with the final pattern now.

    1. Great, I’m looking forward to seeing those! I’m doing an FBA tutorial for princess seams soon, so that should make things easier.

  6. Wow!!! It’s super gorgeous. I bought the pattern the minute I saw it on! Simple yet stylish! Maybe I should bring my sewing machine along this weekend;)

  7. Oh, I love it! I have a sweater knit in my stash I have been wanting to make into a sweater dress, but couldn’t find a good pattern. I’m off to buy this now, it looks so beautiful!

  8. wow! love this. found it on Craftsy.com while looking for MEN’S hoodie inspirations…this could work….maybe when resizing include a men’s version???? People are always looking for fashionable men’s patterns. meanwhile, i buy!

    1. Hi Ellen! I’m curious where you found it, because we’re not on Craftsy. I have gotten requests from men, so who knows!

    2. one of your testers, mahlicadesigns, posted hers now that the pattern is out, with a link to paprika patterns. Material shopping was not too successful today, but I think I can at least do my own “test” version this week. Thanks again.

  9. I can’t wait to get some sweatshirt fabric and make this. I’ve always loved your style and this looks absolutely perfect. Good work!

  10. I love this dress and hoodie! I am a 12-14 though (also 5’11”) … Any idea when we might see those extended sizes??

    1. Hi Cat, the 1-10 sizes are our own: if you’re referring to 12-14 american sizes, they’re in there! We go up to a 49″ bust. Check the size chart on the product page to see the measurements.

  11. This is just a lovely design and so well thought through. Excellent work and nice pictures. Well done PP.

  12. Hello! Just wanted to let you know I think this looks great! I love both versions, and adore the stripes (that stripe matching is marvellous!) and come autumn here in Australia I will be itching to make this up. Cheers, Sarah :)

  13. I’m so excited to see this pattern released! I’ve been imagining the perfect black cozy dress to wear over some bright tights and haven’t been able to find what I’ve dreamt up in my head, but I think this will be perfect. I can’t wait to try it!


  14. I love it! I have a question though. When I look at the size chart, at bust level the extra width is 5cm, but in the waist it is 18 cm, isn’t that very wide? Or is it normal for a sweater (dress)(maybe I am just just to rather slim fitting garments) It doesn’t look that ‘oversized’ in the pictures, on the contrary, I think those are very elegant yet comfortable looking sweaters and dress.

    1. Hi Aline, good question! This has to do with drafting: a standard block has a bust dart. I have rotated this bust dart in part to the armhole and in part to the waist. This gives a more shaped burt and extra fabric at the waist. This extra fabric is there to accommodate a part of the room the bust needs, and also because you still have to be able to get it over your shoulders. If you find that it has too much ease at the waist for your liking, you can easily take it in at the princess seams at the back or front.

  15. Hi Lisa! I really want to make the jasper sweater (and the dress). Will I regret trying if I only have a basic sewing machine; can I make it with just a straight or zig-zag stitch? What type of stitch do you recommend? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rachel, a normal sewing machine is fine. In fact, I made mine on a normal machine too. The stitch depends on how much stretch your fabric has. The recommended fabric, sweater fleece, has only minimal stretch ad can be sewn with a straight stitch. If your fabric had more stretch use a small zig zag, especially in the areas where the fabric will need it (armholes, other horizontal seams). Good luck!

  16. Hi, I love this! Do you think a beginner/intermediate sewer could do this? Sqweeee

    1. Sure! The instructions are clear and have many illustrations, and the most difficult steps have an extra photo tutorial on the blog. Plus, you can always email me :)

  17. Lisa, just wanted to say thank you for designing an outfit which is beautiful, yet still warm enough to cope with Winter. It’s really hard to find clothes (rtw or home-sewn) which are warm AND stylish, and don’t assume you live in a hot-house and go everywhere by car! Going to make one of these for Christmas! Love your designs – thank you for all your hard work

  18. Hi Lisa,

    Prachtig patroon, zou ik heel graag willen maken….
    Maar, is hij ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands?
    Deze beginnende naaister durf zich namelijk nog niet te wagen aan een engels talig patroon…..

    Groetjes Danielle.

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