Jasper fabric samples

Jasper – How to Choose Your Fabric

The Jasper instructions already provide a clue to what sort of fabric is best suited for this pattern. The Jasper is a structured sweatshirt, not a sloppy one so it’s important to choose the right fabric. In this post I want to elaborate on what fabric qualities you’re looking for, and where to find them.

Jasper fabric samples
Sweatshirt fabric, both from Rijstextiles

Lets look at the best option first. Like most fabrics, it comes in different qualities and goes by different names: jogging fabric, sweatshirt fleece, or sweat(er) fabric. What you’re looking for is the fabric that is knit on one side, and has a soft, brushed wrong side. It has the right body and drape for the Jasper. This is important for the hoodie: it needs some body to hold itself up. Without it, would just flop down the sides of your face. This kind of fabric has minimal to no stretch.

Another good choice would be a sweatshirt fabric with a looped wrong side. These are knit on the right side, and have loops on the wrong side. Like a French Terry, but heavier in weight. French Terry is a bit too lightweight by the way. Sweatshirt fabrics with a brushed or looped side are mostly readily available in plain colours. Some of the resources below have striped or patterned ones, too. You could always stamp your fabric if you want a pattern!

Jasper fabric samples
Fabrics from The Sweet Mercerie

Then there’s a few other kinds that can be really fun if you find them. Coarse knit fabrics with a soft wrong side are beautiful and warm. The product sample for View B is an example. It’s a wool knit, I found it at a fabric market. Matelasse or quilted cotton has recently become more widely available and is a lovely option. You could also use it for contrast on just the side panels. Scuba or neoprene has the right body and could be interesting to use. Then there’s fleece if you are going for an activewear look.

Jasper fabric samples
Cotton Jersey from Rijstextiles

For one of the pocket pieces, we recommend using cotton jersey. The reason for this is to eliminate bult around the welt pocket. The reason why it should be cotton jersey specifically, is that it should have stretch but not too much drape. Cotton jersey is stretchy but firm. Viscose or other contents are not strong enough to hold the things you put in your pocket (even if it’s just your hands).

Below is a list of fabric stores where I’ve found the right fabric. If you’re looking for a plain colour, I’d check out the big stores like fabric.com or Rijstextiles. If you’re looking for a more special one check out the smaller shops. The Danish and German ones have some with cool prints. If you have any good ones to add, let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you so much for the resource-links! I really need to buy fabric from stofdepotet one day, such lovely jersey fabrics!

    1. aaah yes me too! I’m drooling over Groovybabyandmama’s makes all the time, they have excellent stuff.

  2. Thanks! The list is so helpful! I love the look of the Jasper pattern and I can’t wait to try it out :)

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