Amber Outfit Inspiration

Today I’ve gathered some Amber Trousers inspiration for you guys. A nice collection of styles to emulate but without the endless Pinterest scrolling! What I love about these trousers is that they are so versatile when it comes to styling. You could go any which way, from super casual to super chique. First by choosing the right fabric, from a printed rayon to a plain linen, then by pairing it the right way, from an oversized sweater to a dressy blouse. I hope this will give you some ideas on how to incorporate the Amber into your wardrobe.

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Combining your summer trousers with a sweater is perfect for summer evenings, or when it’s just not warm enough. It can also replace the summer jacket.

A simple tank can be appropriate in a 9-5 outfit or on the beach. Pair it with a patterned View A or a plain View B and you have a completely different look.

A classy blouse will take your Amber Trousers from casual to everyday chique. Choose an oversized floaty one or a classic tailored shirt, tuck it in or let it billow out over the waistband.

A knotted front can be accomplished in both a button down or an oversized jersey shirt. It will add just that bit of visual interest to your look and show off those beautiful yokes.

I hope this helps – almost every wardrobe holds a tank, a shirt and a sweater so it shouldn’t be difficult to create your favourite look! Check out our Amber Inspiration board for more ideas.

What would be your favourite way to wear the Amber?

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