Zircon Sweater/Dress

Introducing: Zircon Sweater/Dress

Our newest pattern is here and we love it! The Zircon Sweater/Dress is perfect for wintertime, as a sweater with jeans or as a sweater dress with tights and booties. The silhouette is simple, relaxed and slightly cocoon shaped. This leaves all room for the geometric yokes to shine! They extend into the sleeves, creating a softly rounded shoulder. The bracelet length tapered sleeves complement the relaxed shape of the garment. Both dress and sweater have optional insets at the hem for those who cannot get enough of the geometrical details. Read on for the pattern and fabric sale!

Zircon Sweater/Dress
Zircon Sweater/Dress

My inspiration for this design came from my love for geometrical shapes and strong shoulders. The yokes are bold and give a masculine touch to the garment. The loose overall shape makes it very comfortable to wear. The sleeves have been kept narrow and tapered towards the hem to balance out the relaxed fit. The crew neck is finished with a neckband, but the sleeves and bodice are hemmed with a simple turn and stitch method. Bands would just overcomplicate the design, better to keep it simple!

Zircon Sweater/Dress

I just don’t think there are enough interesting sweater designs out there, and the Zircon is certainly not your run of the mill design. The dress is actually longer on an average person than is shown here, I didn’t compensate for my height. I like them short! When I got the idea, my first sample was just to see if it could be done in such a way that it would translate well into sewing instructions. It definitely makes for an interesting sew, and may look more complicated than it really is. You will need some patience and precision to get those nice sharp angles in the yoke and insets, but it’s not a difficult technique per sé. The yokes are sewn to the bodice front and back, and then joined at the shoulders.

Zircon Sweater/Dress
Zircon Sweater/Dress

Recommended fabrics are stable knit fabrics with less than 20% stretch. Sweater fleece, neoprene and fleece are all good options. French Terry is an option, but it has more drape than the aforementioned ones so it’s up to you if that is the silhouette you want. Be certain to check the stretch percentage of your fabric – if it has more stretch it wil invariably come out too large. The main fabric and the contrast fabric should have about the same amount of stretch and weight. The fabric is where you choose what kind of statement you want to make. You can make the yoke subtle by going with different shades of grey, or you can sweeten it up by going with pink tones. You can go even bolder by making the yoke in leather! The Sweet Mercerie is kind enough to provide you with a 15% discount on the fabrics in the french terry, neoprene and quilted fabric sections. Use the code ‘ZIRCON’ at the checkout.

Zircon Sweater/Dress
Zircon Sweater/Dress

The pattern is available in our standard size range, based on two blocks with a B cup for size 1-6 and a C cup for 7-10. These size sets are nested on separate sheets, and each has an extra size to create overlap. This way you can still draft between sizes if you are a size 7 bust but size 6 hips for instance. The pattern is organised in such a way that you can print less pages if you sew View A. A new feature we’re very excited about is that the PDF is layered, which means that each size has it’s own layer within the PDF. When you deselect the layers or size you don’t need, they disappear and you can print only the sizes you need. This makes it much easier to trace or cut out the pattern.

Well that’s about it, if you like what you see go get it here! The Zircon and all other patterns are 20% off until Sunday Nov. 13th 00:00 CET. The fabric sale ends at the same time.

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    1. Thanks! I secretly love the 80’s :) I won’t go as far as shoulder pads but still!

  1. Hoi Lisa, heel leuk ! Ik draag graag een jurk of tuniek en zou het grijs met blauwe accenten exemplaar direct kopen. Helaas gaat het mezelf niet lukken. Succes ,

  2. OMG! I`m so in love with your Pattern!!! I just have a problem with the size…… do you habe a Idea…..my german size ist 36….
    I would love to sew your dress and of course…i will show it on my blog!
    Thank you for your help!!!
    Greetings from Germany
    Karin aka Lina

    1. Hi Lina, yes sure we do, just take your measurements and compare them to the size chart. I think you would be a 2 or 3.

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