Pattern version numbers

About to Make Our Pattern? Check Your Version Number!

One of the reasons I like a pattern in PDF form is that it is not a static product. A digital product can be altered even after people have bought it. Even though a pattern has gone through a thorough testing phase, there’s always things that can come up later. Sometimes it’s just a typo, other times it is the wording of an instruction step, sometimes it’s something in the pattern design. Different people notice different things – it cannot be avoided.

Pattern version numbers

So rather than treat a pattern as a finished product, we keep improving it when things come up, or we get better ideas on how to do things. In this sense it is comparable to software – it gets updated every now and then. A pattern gets released with number V.1.0, and subsequent updates get tracked through that number. We can’t automatically send you a notice whenever we upload an updated version of a pattern, but we will try to let you know via the blog and social media. The latest version is always available to you in your account. Once bought, you can download your pattern any number of times and the one in your account will always be the latest version.

Pattern version numbers

So if you have downloaded your pattern a while ago, first check your account to see if you still have the latest version. You can find the version number in these places:

  • in the right hand corner of the header of the instructions
  • in the test square on the pattern
  • in the readme file

If there is a new version available, that doesn’t mean you absolutely have to download the new version. There is a Pattern Versions page that states what changes we have made with each version. You can decide if you want to download again.

We try to keep these updates to a minimum – I don’t expect to go as far as a V.3.0 for any pattern. We have just uploaded the Jasper Sweater/Dress V.1.2. The Jade is since the re-release at V.2.0. So if you were about to start on one of these, check your version number first.

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  1. Im so glad for the reminder. I just need to remember to reprint this fall to make a Jasper dress.

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