Coral pocket tutorial

Coral: How to Sew the Dress Pocket

The Coral Sweater & Dress View B has a lined in-seam pocket that is kind of unusual in its construction. To help you better visualize the construction, we’ve created this tutorial. It follows Step 2B through H of the instructions.

What You Need:

  • Pattern Front sewn up to Step 2A
  • Pattern piece 4 (Pocket Lining) and 1C (Front Bottom)
  • Paper pattern piece 1B
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or washable fabric marker
  • Pins
  • Iron

Step 2B: Mark

Cut along the Pocket Alignment Line on the paper pattern piece 1B. Align it with the Center Front and the hemline. With a pencil or other washable marking tool, trace along the curve at the top. Flip the pattern and Front piece and repeat for the other side.

Step 2C: Pocket Lining

Sew the Pocket lining piece 4 to Front 1C along the top, right sides together. The red pins mark the notches, but you can ignore those for now.

Step 2D: Understitch

Understitch the Pocket lining to the seam allowance at the pocket openings. Understitching is a line of stitching close to the seamline, securing the lining to the seam allowance of both fabrics (underneath). This prevents the lining from peeking out of your pocket later.

Step 2E: Sew Pockets

Fold the Pocket lining and Piece 1C wrong sides together, and lie it on top of the pocket alignment curve on piece 1B, pocket lining on the inside. Open it up at the Center Front without shifting at that spot, and pin it through the seam allowance to piece 1B.

Repeat for two spots at each side seam. Then fill in the pins in between along the curve: line up, open carefully, pin.

Step 2F: Sew

Stitch Front 1C to Front 1B, on the top just next to the seamline (so not through the seam allowance). Stitch from the side to the 1st notch, backstitch. Restart at the 2nd notch to the 3rd notch. This curve is a bit tricky, make sure to keep the fabric flat underneath the presser foot and don’t take out your pins too soon. Backstitch. Restart at the 4th notch to the side.

Step 2G: Press

Flip the pocket lining back down. Give the seamline a good press where 1C and 1B meet.

Step 2H: Close

Close the pocket by stitching the bottom of the Pocket lining to the bottom of Front 1B with a stretch stitch.

That’s it! The Front of your Coral dress is complete, Step 3 continues with the Back.

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