What You Made: Onyx Shirt

When a new pattern appears, some people jump on it right away, and some wait to see other bloggers make it. For me it definitely helps to see a pattern on different bodies and in various fabrics. Sometimes I’m put off by the samples a designer has made, but then am completely convinced when it’s made up by a blogger I follow. So for the Onyx release I asked for reviewers, and the people below volunteered to write something in exchange for a free pattern. I have definitely gotten some ideas myself after seeing these!¬†Click through to their blog to read what they think of the Onyx shirt and see more photos.

Ashleigh’s View A
Mady’s cute polka dot View B
Sena’s used the bias tape on the outside
Jen’s View A pairs perfectly with her Jade skirt
and she made View B for a friend, too
A close up of Rachel’s View A in a lovely crepe

Thanks to these lovely ladies for sharing their experience with the Onyx shirt! Grab your pattern here and don’t forget to tag us if you write about it!

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