New Pattern: Ruby Joggers (+ Sale!)

Everybody needs a pair of joggers – they’re just the most comfortable thing to wear on a day off. What has always bothered me about regular elastic waist or drawstring joggers though, is that they have so much fabric that bunches around the hips. It just seemed unnecessary to me, so I set out to create a pair of joggers that don’t make your hips (or belly) look twice the size. The Ruby Joggers are my answer, inspired by the Amber Trousers. They have the same (but re-shaped) V-shape wide yokes that create a smooth tummy area.  There is elastic in the back yoke, but it is used as a stabiliser and doesn’t gather the fabric. There are two length options, a 3/4 length where the cuff sits just under the knee, and a full length option. Both views have roomy slash pockets to hold your essentials, finished with a welt strip.

Because they have a smoother fit than regular joggers, they can even be dressed up if you use the right fabric. Think about a beautiful stretch velvet like in the sample shown, or make a long one in a slinky fabric and wear it with heels. The joggers are drafted for a stretch factor of 10-15%, what you would usually find in a brushed back terry or sweatshirt fleece. The instructions have a stretch gauge so you can determine whether or not to size down for the specific fabric you want to use. The black and white sample is made with a sweatshirt fleece from The Sweet Mercerie. The royal blue sample is made with a stretch velvet from Ma Petite Mercerie.

Originally I set out to have these as an option C in the Amber Trousers pattern, but i realised that they would be beter off on their own, as the fabric that is used is very different. They are much better served as their own pattern, as now I could really tweak them for their purpose. It took me a while to finish the pattern: I got it tested the first time in the fall of 2016, but did not get around to finishing it. Then when I started working on it again this fall, I re-contacted my testers to see if they would have another go at View A, that I had just added. Several of them were happy to, and told me they were actually still wearing their first test pair! Surviving the test of time is the best sign that your pattern is a wardrobe staple, so I was very happy to hear this.

The Ruby Joggers are 20% off until Monday November 27th 2017, 00:00 CET, as are all our other patterns! Don’t hesitate and go get them here. We’d love it if you share your make with us! Find us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter as @paprikapatterns, or tag your post with #rubyjoggers.

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  1. Well this purchase is a no-brainer! This yoke makes these joggers look much more chic than your average sweats. I bet if you left the cuffs off the bottom, you’d suddenly have a very comfy yet pulled together pair of pants. Really looking forward to sewing these up!

  2. As a plus size woman, it would be nice to see plus size clothes on a plus size model so I can get a real view of what I’m purchasing. Just sayin’…

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