Jade Skirt View A

Jade Skirt V2.0 Out Now

Not exactly the release of a new pattern, but the improvement of an existing pattern. The Jade Skirt has been out for four months now, and she needed some attention. We’ve had the time to see what people’s experiences with the pattern were. To get some distance to think about what could be improved. It feels good to complete this project now with an improved design and a larger size range. The Jade Skirt V2.0 is now available in our shop! And keep reading for another little surprise…

Jade Skirt View A
Jade Skirt View A

So what have we changed? A whole lot! We have:

  1. Added sizes 7-10, going up to a hip size 50.5″ (128 cm).
  2. Raised the waistband and also made it higher. That means it sits a bit higher on the waist and it is also wider, giving more support. It’s still a little below your natural waist but it’s better balanced now.
  3. Redesigned the folds so that View A and B are nested. There is no need to print and tape twice anymore if you want to make both versions.
  4. Made some little tweaks like making the back hem and side seams slightly curved.
  5. Increased the negative ease a little bit. This gives a better fit right away.
  6. Added illustrations, tips and links to the instructions.

Jade Skirt View A
Jade Skirt View B

Now that the Jade Skirt has become a full grown pattern, we’ve ended the Pay What You Want pricing. It was an interesting experiment but not a sustainable long term strategy. I am happy that we could give you the opportunity to try our first pattern for a price you thought was right. People have been able to see what we’re about without having to pay the full price right away. Now, with the lessons learned incorporated in the 2.0 version, it deserves a fixed price.

Jade Skirt View B
Jade Skirt View B

If you already have the Jade, you’re in luck: the new version has been updated in your account. If you didn’t print it yet, don’t forget to download it again. If you haven’t got the Jade yet don’t despair: to celebrate the completion of this pattern, the Jade Skirt is on sale! Until February 24th 2015 it is available at 15% off. We don’t plan on holding many sales throughout the year so get it while you have the chance.

And because it is my birthday tomorrow, we’ve thrown in the Jasper too – 15% off until February 24th 2015. If this pattern was on your list, now is the time. We’ve just uploaded Version 1.1 with a few small changes: less negative ease on the bottom bands, added links and an explanation on the cutting layouts in the instructions. If you already have the pattern, the new version has been automatically updated in your account. If you haven’t printed your pattern yet, don’t forget to download the V1.1. first.

Have a nice day!

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  1. Cool, thanks for sending the updated pattern to us who already have it. Great customer service. Also, same name and we are also both Aquarius, my b-day was the 3rd.

  2. Nice work! I like the idea of the skirt being higher-rise… I like things to sit at my waist, which is way high up thanks to my sizable hips! ;) It’s a really cute design!

  3. I love this skirt, but I am past the above-the-knee look. In other words, I’d need to add a couple of inches to the get an overall length of 24 inches. Does the pattern include instructions of where to add extra length or could you provide input, please? Also, you still announce the discount on your website, but it’s Feb. 28–is it still valid? Thank you.

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