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I don’t know what it is with french terry and sweatshirt fleece, but I just love designing patterns for these comfortable fabrics. The Ruby is no exception: joggers are by definition meant to be made in them. Although the current trends fortunately allow you to find more options, such as stretch velvet. The pattern is drafted for a 10-20% stretch percentage. The instructions of the Ruby Joggers provide you with a handy stretch gauge so you can check the stretch of the fabric you want to use. And if it has more stretch, no worries: just size down to prevent the joggers coming out too big. If you’re not sure what to look for in a fabric shop: French Terry has a knit side and a looped side, sweatshirt fleece has a knit side and a soft, brushed back side. Let’s look at some fabric options!

First here’s a few basics: A French Terry from The Sweet Mercerie with 15% stretch in Anthracite, a sweatshirt fleece in heather grey from with 10% stretch, and an organic sweatshirt fleece from Fabricworm. Not all the online shops list the stretch percentage, so email them if you want to know for sure.

Now these are an exciting alternative: stretch velvet. With a pair of these you can still feel chique after you’ve changed out of your winter holiday attire. The first option was used in our sample, a spandex velvet in royal blue from Ma Petite Mercerie. The second and third ones can be found at Stylish Fabric. Shown here in the colours dusty pink and dark purple, but they have a large selection. Sewing with stretch velvet can be a bit tricky, but there’s a handy article in Seamwork to help you out: A Beginners Guide to Sewing Velvet. And another one by Threads Magazine: How to Sew velvet Like a Pro. I’ve already made a mistake in my sample, can you tell what it is? (Hint: look at the cuffs…) Easy to fix, but I discovered it mid-shoot so I’m hoping people won’t notice, hehe.

Whether you’re using your Ruby Joggers for lounging, yoga or other sports, they do not have to be boring! Here’s a few fun prints, most often found at small design houses or independent shops: Marble Lake Sweatshirt fleece at (they have a Dutch and German equivalent), organic sweatshirt knit at from Finnish designer Papu Stories, and a French terry from Atelier Brunette, found at Guthrie & Ghani. Also available in other colours. If you’re looking for other fun prints, try the children’s section at fabric shops.

If you have an questions about fabrics or just want to show off your makes, email us at [email protected] or tag your post @paprikapatterns or #rubyjoggers.

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  1. Hi! What about making the joggers in a woven, like a linen or chambray? Is this possible without serious adjustments?


    1. Hi Abby, that’s possible, but if you don’t want to make any adjustments you could also make the Amber Trousers which have the same yokes. If you want to use the Ruby joggers, go up at least one size and insert a zipper, as explained in this tutorial.

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