Summer Uniform: Amber + Onyx

Amber + Onyx - Paprika Patterns

Although my handmade summer wardrobe already contains many handmade items at this point, that doesn’t mean I should stop making, right? And one thing I definitely don’t have enough of, is summer trousers. So I made myself a new pair, and I’ve already been living in them these past weeks. I also modified my cropped Onyx Top, by just adding panels at the hem. I haven’t been wearing crop tops a whole lot, and I just hate to see this bright pink linen go to waste. I used the pattern pieces I still had from my colour-blocked Onyx Top, so it was a simple modification. You can find the tutorial for that here.

Amber + Onyx - Paprika Patterns
Amber + Onyx - Paprika Patterns

I also thought it would be fun to try something new with the trousers: fabric covered elastic cuffs. And for your convenience, I also wrote a tutorial about that! It’s easy to add to any pair of similar trousers. I really like how it gives them a different look. And since we have kind of a wild garden, they don’t get snagged in brambles as much. I used a heavy stretch rayon for this pair, which is not the recommended fabric by the way. But I don’t follow instructions, not even my own! I sized down one size to make it work (this depends on the amount of stretch and didn’t make any other modifications.

Amber + Onyx - Paprika Patterns

I do think I’ll make some more Onyx Tops this summer, I just love those shoulders and the relaxed fit. A wide-legged pair of Ambers is in my near future too, I just need to find the perfect fabric! I’m going to Paris for a few days next week, so I’m sure I’ll find something there. What’s your go-to summer uniform?

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  1. Gabriëlle says:

    At the moment my summertime uniform seems to be shorts, linen jersey vests and sleeveless shirts. Mainly in red white and blue (might have something to do with being Dutch 😉) although there is some yellow in there too. I find them cool and easy to wear.

    1. Lisa Kievits says:

      That sounds very comfortable! Linen jersey is great for summer.

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