Tie a Bow 6

How to Tie a Bow

Today I’ll show you how to tie a nice bow on the Musubu dress (or any other dress with a bow). Tying a bow when you’re looking at it from above can take some attempts to get it right. Follow the steps below and you”ll get it right the first time!

Tie a bow 1
This is what the ties look like hanging loose.
Tie a bow 2
Tie a single knot, in a way that the right tie ends up on top.
Tie a bow 3
Form the first bow with the bottom tie.
Tie a bow 4
Wrap the upper tie around the bow, moving it behind the bow and then to the front from left to right.
Tie a bow 5
Pull the tie through the hole at the back of the left bow, forming the right bow.
Tie a Bow 6
Pul it out and straighten it out. Done!

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