GBSB Season 1

Lessons From the GBSB

GBSB Season 1

Have you been watching theĀ Great British Sewing Bee? Did you like it? I loved it. Apart from the joy of watching other people sew, I liked that it gives sewing some exposure. I mean, our (mostly online) sewing community is usually a world quite hidden from the rest of our lives and those who don’t sew. Since we’ve started a pattern business I’m having a hard time changing my story. You know, when people ask you what you do. My algae story is a very clear one and people usually find it interesting. It sounds like I’m contributing something to this world. But when I say I’m starting a sewing pattern company, the response is mixed. “Do people still sew? They need patterns to do this? And they’re willing to pay money for these patterns?”

Apart from people questioning the validity of such a company, it looks like I’m going down a level on the educational/intelligence scale. If I want to explain further, I add that drawing patterns requires a lot of mathematics, transforming 2D to 3D, and so on. For me there’s both a skill challenge and a mental challenge in sewing. I think a show like GBSB helps the non-sewing world to understand what sewing entails. And I think it’s great that more people will give sewing a go.


What I also noticed on the show is that when you have time, you can get anything done. I would probably sew exactly the same way as most of the non-finalists did: Try something, and when it doesn’t work, rip it out and try again. That’s how I sew at home, too, because you have plenty of time for do-overs. What the winner had over the other contestants, is that she usually got it right the first time. That’s what experience does, but I think this is also something you can practice. Be more precise. Think it through. Don’t rush. Try to get it right the first time. I suspect this will save time eventually, and it will help you master a technique faster. I think I’m going to work on this from now on. What do you think?

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