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Share Your Jades & Jaspers

What is the first thing you want to do when you have sewed something? Put it on and show it off! These are are a few of the creations I’ve seen popping up in the last few weeks. I love how creative people get, you guys come up with possibilities I hadn’t even thought of yet!

Jamie's Jasper Sweater
Jamie’s Jasper Sweater
Tyraenna's Jade
Tyraenna’s Jade

We’ll be doing round ups regularly, so if you want to be featured here, check the list below. These are the places where you can share your Jades and Jaspers with others, reach us, get the latest scoop or ask questions.

Connect & show off

  • Flickr – post photo’s of your finished makes or mid process
  • Facebook Group – connect with other sewists and ask questions

Get the scoop

  • Newsletter – news about patterns, discounts, etc, only when there’s something to tell.
  • Facebook page – news, blogposts, sneak peeks
  • Twitter – updates, daily musings, sneak peeks
  • Instagram – daily life journal: sewing, pattern making, yurt life, sneak peeks
  • Blog feed – new feature: receive new blog posts via email
  • Feedly – add us to your reader
  • Bloglovin – add us to your list

Talk to us

  • Twitter – updates, daily musings
  • Instagram – daily life journal: sewing, pattern making, yurt life, some more sewing
  • Email – if you have more to say

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