5 Zero-Waste Garment Patterns to Try

Zero waste garments are those patterns that can be created by cutting all of your pieces out of one continuous piece of fabric. The zero-waste garment movement started to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. 80% of a garments climatic impact is generated by the fabric. But an average of 15-25% of fabric is wasted in making a garment. These garments use creative design and fabric cutting, to create a garment without any fabric waste. You’ll often see really interesting designs because of this. We are fascinated by this technique and here are our favorite 5 garments to create with the zero-waste method.

1. Shirt

This is a free shirt pattern from Schnittchen Patterns. An unusual shape, and you’ll make a bag with the cutouts.

2. Trousers

If you are looking for a pattern with some interesting details and an edge for a pair of trousers by Milan AV-JC, high-waisted and great waistband detail.

3. Dress

Talking about interesting details: this dress checks all the boxes. It’s called Tube Dress, designed by Make/Use, and is sewn with only one continuous seam.

4. Robe

Perfect for lounging in the house but cool enough to take outside is this robe by Elbe textiles.

5. Coat

And last but not least, a coat is a must to try and this one looks super cozy.

If you’re looking for more patterns, check out the Zero Waste Designers community and their pattern library. There’s so many patterns, you could easily create a whole wardrobe!

Have you already tried the zero-waste method? Share in the comments!

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