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NEW: Jade Skirt With Updated Size Range

Hello friends, today I have some good news: the Jade Skirt has had a major update! It’s now available in our store at 20% off (until April 5th 2020, 00:00 CET), and those who already have it can find the Jade Skirt with updated size range in their account.

So what’s new? Well, we’ve added three sizes to our size chart! It now goes up to a hip size of 146 cm (US size 30). Apart from added sizes, nothing has been changed on the pattern pieces or the fit.

The instructions have had a major overhaul: all the information is now in one .pdf file instead of 3 different ones. I’ve also added lots of little snippets: extra tips, better explanations, more illustrations and three new videos to accompany the construction steps.

And, as you’ve noticed, it’s not just me modeling anymore! I am so thrilled to have worked with Megan (@megmadethis) to better represent the skirt across the size range. In fact, I will continue to hire different models with every new pattern update from now on.

I’m so excited to bring this update to you, to make this skirt available to a larger range of people and to make the sewing process even more enjoyable. Go check out the Jade Skirt pattern in our shop!

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